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Yona Edit
Character Info
Kanji ヨナ
Romaji Yona
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Active
Voice Actor(s) Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Japanese)
Cory Phillips (English)
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation White-Clad
Knights of the Ashen Flame
Manga Company 7 is Born

Yona (ヨナ, Yona) is an inhabitant of Adolla, who is a subordinate of the Evangelist and member of the Knights of the Ashen Flame's Commando Unit.[1]


Yona is notable for his supposive artificial looking face,[2] with a sharp chin and nose (which he is able cut paper with). He has long light hair with a distinctive parting sticking out at the front and back, with black hair at the back of his head. His light pupils, resembling an "A" shape, which fill his dark eyes. He dons his organisations uniform; a white cloak, and a white jumper with a red cross on the front, as well as white trousers.


Yona has a sadistic and twisted personality, having an obsessive and fanatical loyalty to the Great Sun God. He shows no remorse in killing someone and bathing in their blood. He is obsessed with art, viewing the chaos his plans creates as an art form and angrily destroying things that do not suit his tastes. Even killing someone if his facial modifications are imperfect without remorse. Yona has a habit of combining words to express his emotions, using terms such as 'scarious' and 'grudjealous' to express fear and jealousy. In spite of his attitude, Yona is a cowardly individual. Often fleeing at the sight of danger, relying on ambushes and being easily startled.


Yona on the day of the Great Cataclysm.

On the day that the Great Cataclysm failed, Yona alongside Bugs crossed over from Adolla into the human world. While searching for a human with influence, Yona discovered an unconscious girl, and afterwards, encountered the leader of a caravan who had felt the touch of Adolla. Murdering and posing as Raffles I, Yona brought the girl back to Raffles' caravan in a container, which generated power for the people.[3]

On the orders on the Evangelist, Yona as Raffles established The Holy Sol Temple in order to guide humans to Adolla and create an ideology that would fuel their second attempt at burning the world with The Great Cataclysm.[4]


Yona using his Ignition Ability.

Yona is a Third Generation who can use his Ignition Ability to generate heat from the palms of his hands. He can uses his heated hands to manipulate the blood in a persons face, allowing him to change a persons facial structure via swelling.[5]

Using the same process, he can increase the temperature of someone's blood until their face explodes.


Asakusa arc

Yona watching Asakusa be assulted.

Two hundred and fifty years later, Yona uses his ignition Ability to change the face of three individuals to pose as Takehisa Hinawa, Akitaru Ōbi and Hikage, indirectly tricking Benimaru into thinking the Special Fire Force Company 8 were enemies. Sometime later within a building, Yona uses his ability to change an individual's face. Dissatisfied with the result, he kills the person in front of his partner. Afterwards, he and two other White-Clad begin attacking Asakusa after sending doppelgängers throughout the town and Company 7 to ensure conflict and delay evacuation attempts. With Haran's fall, Jonah and Arrow departed, and informed Shō Kusakabe of what happened.

Netherworld arc

Upon Company 8 entering the Netherworld in search for the White-Clad, Yona and Mirage use their Ignition Abilities to separate the brigade. The pair follows Takehisa Hinawa into the depths and attempts to disrupt his battle Arrow. As the gunman's battle intensifies, Mirage and Yona are forced to stay at a distance. Once Arrow is defeated, Hinawa is left exhausted, prompting Yona and Mirage to approach him with the intent to kill him while he is helpless. Their plan is foiled by the arrival of Arthur, which causes Yona to retreat as Mirage battles the young knight.

Yona flees the scene and appears to communicate with an unknown person through a radio. He is startled by the arrival of Haumea and the two observe the second battle between Shō and Shinra Kusakabe. Unlike Haumea, Yona is unable to follow the battle due to the use of Fourth Genarational abilities. Once the battle ends and Haumea impales Shinra with Sho's sword, the rest of Company 8 arrive to protect their comrade. Haumea battles them, and an earthquake begins to signal that Yona and Haumea must leave which they do.

VS. Holy Sol Temple arc

After Inca Kasugatani is informed that Yona was responsible for the creation of The Holy Sol Temple two hundred and fifty years ago, Yona confirms the information to her while transformed as Raffles I.

Stigma arc

Yona instructs a White-Clad to find those who have experienced a Adolla Link and to assassinate them. While the murder of Sōichirō Hague is successful, Konro Sagamiya survives.

Ōbi's Rescue arc

Yona appears in this arc.

Stone Pillar Arc

While the White-Clad hold a mass underground, Yona announced to his fellow members that the preparations for the next Great Cataclysm are complete. While Sumire reminded him that it had been two hundred and fifty years since the failure of the Great Disaster, Yona recalled the day it failed and he arrived to the planet.

Post-Kusakabe History arc

Yona appears in this arc.


  • There are several characters in Fire Force whose names are allusions to or directly taken from both monotheistic and pantheistic religions and notable religious figures.
    • Yona's name derives from the Hebrew: יוֹנָה‎, Yonā, meaning dove or pigeon.
    • He also shares a name with the central figure of the Book of Jonah in the Hebrew Bible who is called upon by God to travel to Nineveh and warn its residents of impending divine wrath.
  • According to his Character Profile:
    • Height: It’s gonna change ♡
    • Weight: It’s gonna change ♡
    • Age: I don’t have anything like that!
    • Birthday: Actually, it’s rude to ask that kind of thing
    • Sign: In a way, I’m like a zodiac sign. I-am-a-Zodiac/The-me-sign.
    • Blood type: Blood can’t fight…it doesn’t make sense
    • Nickname: The Famous Subaru Artist
    • Self-proclaimed: The Self-Proclaimed Subaru Artist
    • Favorite foods: This and that of humans
    • Least favorite food: Things without emotion
    • Favorite music: Putting emotion into sound. How wonderful.
    • Favorite animal: A highly intelligent animal. Basically, I suppose it would be a human.
    • Favorite color: The black that mixes with everything and the white that mixes with everything.
    • Favorite type: Everything is only one team
    • Who he respects: Artist people who deserve to be respected
    • Who he hates: Children that are not artists
    • Who he’s afraid of: Scary things are a favorite of mine. Because you get emotional, right?
    • Hobbies: I’m always moved by nature, so I don’t have a hobby
    • Daily routine: Humanly speaking, wherever my instincts take me
    • Dream: Dreams show more than what you see
    • Shoe size: I’ll say it as many times as needed. It’s gonna change ♡
    • Eyesight: I can see a lot of things
    • Favorite subject: I want to be taught a lot of things
    • Least favorite subject: Indeed, until it becomes hated, okay?


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