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Yūichirō Kurono (doppelgänger) Edit
Kurono's Doppelgänger.png
Character Info
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Deceased
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Manga Chapter 274

This inhabitant of Adolla was the doppelgänger of Yūichirō Kurono.


This Doppelgänger was near identical to the original. Taking the form of a tall man with short black hair and very angular pale yellow eyes with light sharpened pupils. He wore a plain collared shirt with a black tie, long black pants and black shoes. It had bandaged right arm. A notable difference between him and the original is that the Doppelgänger consistently smiled while the original typically shows a dour expression.


As a creature defined by how the original Kurono is seen by other people, the Doppelgänger was gleefully evil. Embodying Kurono's reputation as 'The Maddest'; it was constantly smiling while being cruel, loudly cackling during combat, licking its blades, loudly swearing and describing its intentions to its victims in gruesome detail. Nataku believed its smile was evidence it acknowledged what it did was wrong but took pleasure in it. Unlike the original Yuichiro, who's ethics are so wrapped that he sees his bullying and abuse as perfectly natural, therefore he doesn't need to take pleasure in acting on the impulse. Yuichiro Kurono himself sees no resemblance between his personality and his copy's besides selfishness. The Doppelgänger is unperturbed by accusations of being a shallow imitation or copy. Simply believing that victory determines history and that killing the original would allow it to replace him, as people would accept shallow interpretations over the original. It had a distinctly negative view on human beings and their ignorance and had a blunt negative perspective of Yūichirō Kurono's personality and profession. It openly admitted to not caring about having a company position or having allies to support its own strength, seeing the original as a bully and scum who was lying to cover up his vapid cruelty. Ultimately, despite wanting to replace the original, it confessed to hating Kurono and 'being' him. Simply saying it wanted the benefits of Kurono's form.


The doppelgänger possessed all of the Third Generation pyrokinetic abilities of the original Kurono, regarded as one of the most powerful and insane pyrokinetics in Tokyo. As such it was as powerful as the people living in Tokyo believed Kurono to be. Using its Ignition Ability, Kurono's Doppelgänger could emit Black Smoke which can reach temperatures of 130°C or 266°F. It would condense this smoke and solidify it into weapons such as knives and scythes, which it would then detonate or reshape to attack his enemies with surprise attacks. All of these weapons had more complex and artistic designs compared to the original's Basic and utilitarian creations. It could also unleash a vertical wave of smoke at its target and then use the smoke to form a nest of blades. When pushed further it could fashion its smoke into giant clawed hands or animal-like jaws. As their abilities were identical: the Doppelgänger could take control of the original's smoke and use it as its own weapon.


Great Cataclysm arc

As a result of the Great Cataclysm Execution Specialist Force sacrificing their lives, the strongest doppelgängers were summoned from Adolla to Tokyo. After arriving, he finds Nataku Son and his counterpart Kurono. The doppelgänger launches into an attack and manages to cut Kurono's cheek by using his smoke against him. Kurono himself is less concerned by his double's actions than his bizarre psychotic cackling and yelling being a completely inaccurate reflection of his own. The Doppelgänger acknowledged his own shallowness being a reflection of the masses, believing this was evidence the public would not notice if it killed the original and replaced him. Kurono recognises that the average person might not care but it is his life and he does not want to be replaced and will destroy this invader. The Doppelgänger's reaction to this is more mad cackling followed by grotesque descriptions of his intentions, so bizarre and shocking Kurono turns to Oguru for guidance before being attacked again. Its relentless attacks seemingly keep Kurono at a disadvantage, leading the doppelgänger to boost that its freedom from responsibility made it strong. Kurono counters that it does not look that strong in his mind and that besides their shared selfish attitude they had nothing in common as he never fights alone.

In its fury the Doppelgänger overpowers and traps Kurono in a giant set of jaws. Kurono restates his power doesn't come from insanity but from being a professional: somebody who can force all responsibility onto his boss once he is given permission to act. With Oguru's consent, Kurono breaks free, drive his double back before slamming it into the ally's wall. Despite being cornered the Doppelgänger condemns Kurono and his way of life. Kurono asks if his so-called replacement actually likes being him and insantly kills the doppelganger when it confuses to absolutely hating the role with a horde of snakes made of smoke. All that remains of the imposter is a pool of blood shaped like a skull.