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Yūichirō Kurono Edit
Character Info
Kanji 黒野
Romaji Yūichirō Kurono
Alias Death[1]
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Active
Voice Actor(s) Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese)
Brandon McInnis (English)
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Birth Date September 6th (Virgo)
Age 29
Height 177 cm (5' 10")
Weight 69 kg (152 lbs)
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Haijima Industries
Power Development Facility
Rank Chief
Manga Trust and Truth
Anime The Ashen Reaper

Yūichirō Kurono (黒野, Kurono Yūichirō) is a former Third Generation pyrokinetic and the chief of Haijima Industries's Power Development Facility. He also serves as the Sixth Pillar's guardian.[2]


Kurono is a tall man with short black hair and very angular pale yellow eyes with light sharpened pupils. His right arm is brown and charred as a result of overheating his body which he typically wraps in white bandages and unwraps when he's about to fight. His attire consists of a plain grey collared shirt with a black tie and a white shinigami-esque skull tie pin, long black pants with a white skull belt, and black shoes.


Victor Licht describes Kurono's reputation as "The Maddest" in contrast to Benimaru Shinmon's status as "The Strongest." Kurono is a very stern, confident and powerful individual. He is, however, totally fixated on the weakness of others and this obsession defines much of his personality. He believes an ideal world would protect the strong and crush the weak. Scientists working with him in the Development Lab believe that Kurono's love of destruction and violence caused him to destroy his right arm. Despite the cost of his actions, Kurono still craves destruction. He enjoys provoking the weak into fights and tormenting them, even accepting the job from Hajima Industries just for the chance to brutalize children he deems as weak. He refers to Shinra's weakness 'cute' despite the teenager's obvious hatred for him. He also uses his own strength as a justification to dismiss his peers because of their weakness. It is implied to be a means of measuring his own strength without the risk of being hurt.

This bullying behavior causes him to underestimate strong opponents and Kurono shows confusion when they display anything other than weakness or fear. Despite being extremely capable, Kurono has no interest in lengthy battles against skilled opponents, choosing to focus on weaker foes first, to the point where he will abandon ongoing conflicts to attack weaker prey. In a crisis he will near compulsively focus on defeating the weakest opponents before dealing with the stronger ones, unless explicitly ordered to do otherwise. However, against stronger opponents, Kurono might start enjoying himself as the fight drags on and they become weaker and weaker. Also, despite his madness, Kurono takes orders from the head of the company and remains polite to him. This is likely because Kurono sees himself as a "company man" and wishes to be successful enough to not have to listen to his coworkers. He treats other people within the chain of command with open hostility while still listening to them. In some situations he will complain about his wages and think about finding another job. Furthermore Kurono's obsession with weakness leads him to believe that all people have the potential to become stronger with time and as their weakness is temporary, they must cherish it before they become strong.


While Kurono was being held at Haijima Industries to be treated for his Tephrosis, he encountered a young Shinra Kusakabe. The boy saw him as evil as Kurono wanted to be allowed to play with the children. Despite his infamous strength, Kurono requested to stay at Haijima Industries and eventually started working in the company's skill development division.


Kurono is a very skilled hand-to-hand combatant, capable of quick movement and powerful strikes based around his charred right arm.[3] He is also extremely skilled at using weapons he creates out of his smoke. Despite his appearance, Kurono is more then strong enough to lift a fully-grown person one-handed and is a very capable swimmer.[4] His overall skill and power is stated to be equal to that of Benimaru Shinmon[5] and he could easily make a name for himself in the field.


Kurono using his Ignition Ability.

Using his Ignition Ability, Kurono can emit Black Smoke which can reach temperatures of 130°C or 266°F.[6] He can detect any movement within the plum of smoke[7] and easily hide within it.[8] Using the smoke he can force it into people's bodies resulting in them burning internally and dying.[9] He can solidify the smoke to manifest weapons such as kunai,[10] knives,[11] a spear,[12] a sword,[13] and a scythe[14] from the smoke at an extremely fast pace and use them masterfully to cut down his opponents. By using both hands, he's able to coat his weapons in flames.[15] He can also produce smoke with enough force that he can propel himself through the air and control it's density to where he can ride on it.[16]


Haijima Industries Arc

Kurono fighting Shinra.

At Haijima Industries, Kurono prepares Nataku Son for their third combat test against each other. Telling Nataku to show him his power, the boy attacks Kurono but is effortlessly defeated. After the exercise ends, Kurono gets into an altercation and chokes a scientist until his peer de-escalates the situation. Being aware that Shinra was visiting the facility soon, Kurono looks forward to the next experiment against him. Upon Shinra's arrival, Kurono faces Shinra in another combat test and overwhelms him using his smoke control. When instructed to stop by the researchers, Kurono defies orders by using blocking their view, increasing the room temperature and continuing his battle. As Victor Licht learns that Nataku is being held at the facility, the scientist opens a door to let Shinra flee from Kurono, leading to pair searching for Nataku. Kurono is informed that Special Fire Force Company 8 has attacked the compound, and is instructed to go protect Nataku.

Kurono incinerating the White-Clad.

Having found the boy, Kurono strangles him, during which he attacks a Haijima Industries security guard trying to get the boy. While keeping ahold of Nataku, Kurono continues to chase after Shinra and Viktor, with the intention of fighting Viktor, before encountering the rest of Company 8. Noticing Tamaki Kotatsu and Iris, Kurono beings to focus his attacks on them while Arthur Boyle and Akitaru Ōbi move to protect them. His assault is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Charon and his henchmen as they make their attempt to abduct the Sixth Pillar. While dueling the cultist, Kurono loses his hold of Nataku. Despite this, he still focuses on attacking the weaker members of Company 8. Becoming bored by Arthur's defense, Kurono switches his focus to Charon's henchmen and effortlessly slaughters them. While Kurono, Charon and Akitaru get into another struggle over Nataku, Ritsu of the Ash Knights uses the ashes of the dead to create a Flame Giant that absorbs Nataku into its mass. After receiving orders from President Haijima President, Kurono is willing to help Shinra to save the child.

Kurono subduing Nataku.

Upon seeing Nataku's true power, Kurono initially plans on killing him to resolve things before deciding the boy is too strong and that he no longer wants to be involved. While Charon and Shinra move to destroy the now out of control Giant, Kurono claims that Nataku is too naïve to be ready for power. Kurono watches as Nataku's radiation blast is unleased and threatens the entire Tokyo Empire. He also witnesses Charon deflecting the attack saving them all. Deciding that Nataku becoming too powerful and too dangerous, Kurono calves the Flame Giant apart and rips Nataku out of its remains. Claiming that the boy truly seeks weakness, Kurono manages to calm him down by letting him accept his own limitations and weaknesses instead of living up to impossible standards. The White Clad quickly retreat after Charon gets back to his feet.

Stone Pillar Arc

Kurono attacking a Titanic Infernal.

Kurono appears along with director Oguru at the coastline when a massive pillar and giant Infernal rises from the ocean depths. While he hates listening to Oguru and the idea of fighting something powerful along with Company 2, Kurono plans on defeating the titan to protect the weaklings he loves to abuse. When an unconscious Shinra falls into the water, Kurono dives in to save him. The rescue attempt is interrupted by the giant attacking them. Kurono considers leaving Shinra to drown in order to avoid a difficult battle even with Oguru threatening to dock his pay if the boy dies until Juggernaut's attacks give him the opportunity to return to shore. Rather than deal with his superior, Kurono files off to battle the Infernal. After destroying its other arm and leaving it defenseless, Kurono finally cuts the creature. The ashes of the Infernal flow through the sea towards the pillar, coating it black and igniting its peak.

Asakusa Showdown Arc

Four additional pillars appear surronding Tokyo in the three months following the first incident. Kurono and Company 2 succeed in destroying each Giant Infernal using Kurono and Gustav Honda's powers combined with a cannon. When the sixth and seventh pillar appear, Oguru and Kurono arrive to handle the Sixth Titanic Infernal while Benimaru tackles the Demon appearing with the seventh. Although Kurono hopes they can leave the work to Honda he ends up fighting it. After Honda and Kurono succeed, Kurono makes his way back to the shoreline while grumbling about the difficulties in fighting strong people. He walks past Oguru while complaining that The Strongest should handle everything for them. Ogun warns him that Benimaru might come after Kurono someday, only for The Maddest to brush off his warning.

Final Pillar arc

When the 8th Pillar rises from the sea near Tama Bay, Kurono joins forces with Company 4 and Company 8 to contain the situation. While Company 4 handle the evacuation, Kurono hopes that Company 2 will be able to beat this Titan without his help. When Honda's attack fails, Kurono advises retreating but is quickly dismissed by Oguru. Kurono files off into battle against the giant while complaining that his wages have not changed to reflect this more dangerous work. Instead of instantly attacking or moving to protect people, Kurono is seen sitting on one of the Titan's polls. He whistles with amusement when Shinra arrives on the scene.


  • The first kanji in his name (黒) means black which fits the theme of his Ignition Ability, Black Smoke.
  • Kurono's belt buckle and neck tie clip could be a reference to Death's mask in Soul Eater who also is a Shinigami. He is also shown with vertical eyes, linking Kurono to Asura from the same series who was also considered the embodiment of madness. He also goes by the epithets "Death" and "Uncle Reaper", furthering solidifying his allusion to the Shinigami in Soul Eater.
  • According to his Character Profile:
    • He is a self-proclaimed corporate slave.
    • His favorite foods are soft things. His least favorite foods are hard things.
    • For his favorite music, he doesn’t know the name of the children’s song that he listened to in the past.
    • His favorite animal are children.
    • His favorite color is a healthy red.
    • His favorite type are the weaklings that have no power to resist physically nor mentally
    • He respects people who are weak but do their best to live.
    • He hates strong people.
    • He's afraid of his boss.
    • His hobbies include harassments.
    • His daily routine involves making curry boiled down until the ingredients become mushy.
    • He does not have a dream, as corporate slaves don’t have dreams.
    • His shoe size is 26.5 cm.
    • His eyesight is right 0.9 and left 1.5.
    • His favorite subject is ethics. His least favorite subject is history and stories of the great figures of the past.


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