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Woman in Black Edit
Character Info
Gender Female   Female.png
Status Active
Voice Actor(s) Atsumi Tanezaki
Mallorie Rodak (English)
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Manga The Holy Land
Anime Smoldering Malevolence

The Woman in Black was one of the original Pillars used for the Great Cataclysm, who was used as a sacrifice for the Tabernacle, henceforth giving abundance to a part of the Chinese Peninsula and creating the Oasis.


The woman has long dark hair and sclerae, as well as a smile that is regarded as demonic. She wears a cloak that is as black as night, which has a pointy hood and conceals her entire body except for her face. She notably lacks eyebrows.


The woman teaching the animals.

The woman in black was once an ordinary human who was taken by the Evangelist on a whim. Bitten by one of the Evangelist's bugs, the Adolla Burst awoke in her, followed by the two females coming to the Chinese Peninsula from the Tear in Space.[1] Shortly after the Great Disaster, the Woman in Black appeared before animals, and taught them words while they endured constant suffering and waited for their inevitable death in the arid land. Informing Schop that she came to the land to recreate the world after the Tear in Space, she cured the animals of their hunger and prolonged their lives significantly.[2] After creating the Oasis, the animals noticed she disappeared one day, after she willingly entered it. She used the energy generated from it to create the peaceful Oasis for the suffering animals. Due to the severity of her burns from being in the Tabernacle for two hundred and fifty years, the presence of Adolla within her grew stronger and she grew more powerful but was forced to enter a deep sleep .[1]


Being bitten by a Bug and turning into a Third Generation, she could expose her flames to individuals to prolong their lives and cure them of their hunger. Possessing the Ignition Ability Adolla Burst, she used its power to fuel the Shintai to give life to the Oasis. However her centuries within the Shintai have left her severely weakened as her powers have been dedicated to supporting her oasis. She is able to establish an Adolla Link with another Adolla Burst wielder to communicate with them and she is able to grant them the Adolla Grace for only one second, which allows them to use their Fourth Generation abilities. Her range is so vast that she is able to Link with people in the Tokyo Empire while trapped on the Chinese Peninsula.


Chinese Peninsula arc

The woman giving Adolla Grace to Shinra.

As a group of Fire Force members entered the Oasis, the woman told Shinra Kusakabe to protect the forest through the Adolla Link. Shortly after during Shinra's fight against Tempe, the woman told him again to protect the forest. Needing strength to defeat Tempe, Shinra called out to the woman to receive Divine Protection, leading to her saying she cannot summon enough power to give to him. As Shinra continued to plead, she said she could give him Divine Protection for only one second, to which he accepted. Wondering what Shinra could do with only one second, the woman explained that she was the same as Shinra, and stated the purpose of the Evangelist was to engulf the world in fire. Granting the power to Shinra, he immediately used it to kill Tempe. Afterwards, she reveals her history and relationship with the Evangelist to Shinra, before thanking him for saving the forest.

Return to St. Raffles arc

The woman having an Adolla Link with Sumire.

The Woman in Black appears through an Adolla Link to Sister Sumire, using the last of her power to distract Sumire from the escaping Hibana and her allies. While Sumire argues that the world is going to change and humanity will be destroyed, The Woman tells her that nothing will change before fading away. Seemingly permanently disappearing before she can finish explaining. Sumire says goodbye and promises to fulfill her role as the Seventh Pillar.



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