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Volume 20
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Volume Info
Kanji 炎炎ノ消防隊 20
Romaji En En no Shōbōtai 20
Japanese ISBN 978-4065171585
English ISBN 978-1632369864
Pages 192
Release Dates
Japan October 17, 2019
North America October 20, 2020
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Volume 20 (炎炎ノ消防隊 20, En En no Shōbōtai 20) is volume 20 of the Fire Force manga series.


Chapter 172

Main article: Chapter 172

After enduring Asakusa's madness to the point of exhaustion, Shinra and Arthur are furious to learn that Benimaru is not sure what the point of that was. As such, they strike with genuine fury and anger when Benimaru starts sparring with them. Feeling their violent intentions, Benimaru response by viciously overwhelming Shinra and Arthur as their uncontrolled rage feeds his own. Having taught them the value of life, the Breath of Life, Benimaru plans on teaching them the Pressure of Death. The boys fight their teacher for 5 hours before being completely exhausted and overheated. Benimaru tells them that the actual Superfire training starts now.

Chapter 173

Main article: Chapter 173

Benimaru continues his rigorous training with the Company 8 newbies, much to Tamaki's discomfort at them Overheating. Reaching his limit and continuing to fight, Shinra's consciousness starts to fade, and he finds himself surrounded by Acala's flames. Through the flames, a hand rummages through, and it appears to be his mother, to which he then sees his Demon Infernal mother holding a baby Shō. He then starts to have a inner realisation that there is only one life, and that he requires the energy to take down his enemies in order to win. Having a sudden survival instinct, he confronts the Pressure of Death, and seemingly awakens new powers, much to Benimaru and Tamaki's surprise. Back in the Guardhouse, Kayoko distinguishes that Konro's flames are normal, but that there must be a connection between the Great Cataclysm that happened two years ago in Asakusa and also the one that involved Sōichirō Arg. After Hibana asks about the difference between the Adolla Burst and normal flames, Kayoko solemnly looks down at her scarred hand from healing Shinra way back after the 8th's trip to the Nether. Realizing that all the stigmatics whom were scarred from having an Adolla Link are in danger of being captured by the White-Clad, they venture off to see Hague; who is fighting off against a self-proclaimed "butcher" White Clad with a golden arm.

Chapter 177

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Chapter 176

Main article: Chapter 176

Chapter 175

Main article: Chapter 175

Chapter 174

Main article: Chapter 174



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