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Tokyo Army
Fire Force-Tokyo Army Flag.png
Professional Status
Affiliation Special Fire Brigade
Status Active
Manga First Run
Anime Shinra Kusakabe Enlists
Known Members

The Imperial Tokyo Army is the military organization that protects and defends the people and authority of Tokyo. They do not battle Infernals, like the Fire Force and Fire Defence Agency, but are focused towards more national defense efforts and work heavily with Special Fire Force Company 2 to carry out operations.


Alongside The Holy Sol Temple and Fire Defence Agency, members of the three organizations formed the Special Fire Brigade. As a result, Special Fire Force Company 2 and Special Fire Force Company 8 are both directly under the military's control, with acting military personnel Gustav Honda and Maki Oze being involved in each respectively.

The current acting leader, Danrou Oze, the High General that serves in the Tokyo Army's Unified Military Operations Department,  speaks to discuss the possibility of uniting the three founding organizations to stop the White-Clad.