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Tokyo Landscape
Kanji 東京
Rōmaji Tōkyō
Manga Shinra Kusakabe Joins the Squad
Anime Shinra Kusakabe Enlists

Tokyo (東京, Tōkyō) is a large industrial nation currently ruled by Raffles III. It has eight different Special Fire Forces handling the jurisdiction of the various districts.


Tokyo Map

A map of the Tokyo empire, as well as each Company's jurisdictions.

Tokyo is an industrial nation, divided into separate districts and ruled by a theocracy. Tokyo features many different train stations for transport, including the Tabata (田端, Tabata) and Komagome (駒込, Komagome) stations. To combat the Infernals, the Special Fire Force were founded from various institutions and given different territories to protect.[1] There also exists a large complex of underground tunnels known as The Netherworld, which the Holy Sol Temple forbids entry to without explicit permission.

The exact history of the Empire is unclear, as historical record clashes with the teachings of the Holy Sol Temple. It is known that many years ago, The Great Disaster caused causing calamity across the world to the point continents being ripped apart and not being hospitable. The Tokyo Empire was the only safe haven for civilization during the catastrophe. Thanks to The Holy Sol Temple and Haijima Industries working together to build the Amaterasu together with the aid of the Joseph family, an abundance of power and life was available to the empire, allowing more people to migrate to Tokyo and large amounts of techological growth. Due to this migration, Tokyo customs slowly changed, such as it becoming common to put one's given name in front of their family name and for people to reffer to each other by their given names. These develops are not found in Asakusa, where they don't utilize the power of Amaterasu, as the believe in the Empire's traditions.


Fire Fighting Infrastructures

Central Tokyo




Asakusa District.

Torigoe District (鳥越地区, Torigoe Chiku) is an urban area within Tokyo. The Kawaguchi Metal Fittings Corporation is located in this district.[2]

Iriya District (入谷地区, Iriya Chiku) is a quiet neighbourhood within Tokyo. Mikako's residence was located there, before the building's destruction.[3]

Shinjuku District (新宿地区, Shinjuku Chiku) is the area that the 1st Special Fire Brigade are in charge of. The 1st Special Fire Fighting Cathedral is situated in this district.

Chuo District (中央区 Chūō-ku) is the area where The Sol Temple and the imperial residence are found. Chuo-ku literally means "Central Ward".

Asakusa District (浅草地区, Asakusa Chiku) is the area that the 7th Special Fire Brigade are in charge of. The 7th Special Fire Fighting Station is situated in this district.


  • This city shares its name with its real-world counterpart, Tokyo, in Japan.
  • Company 7 has the smallest territory under their protection out of all the Fire Force Companies.
  • Both "Tataba" and "Komagome" stations are directly based on the real-world Tabata and Komagome stations. Several other buildings in the city are also direct inspirations of real-world buildings.


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