• Hello one and all! Fandom and the Fire Force wiki are working together to bring you the first of several giveaways! Starting out, we’re giving away some goodies that are perfect for any Fire Force fanatic. 

    The winner of this week’s contest will receive a copy of the first volume of the Fire Force manga as well as a Fandom anime t-shirt. If you want to directly compare how the anime adapts some of Fire Force’s earliest moments, and look great while doing it, this is the perfect prize for you!

    To enter, all you have to do is answer a single question in the replies down below. Who has the coolest Ignition Ability in the series? Are you a fan of Shina’s flaming feet or maybe Arthur’s plasma sword? Or do you have a more unconventional pick like Hibana’s Clematis? 

    Make your argument down below for your chance to win! You have until 7/15 to get your answer in for a chance at these great prizes. Also make sure to watch new episodes of Fire Force every Friday on Crunchyroll and keep an eye on the wiki as it continues to grow. 

    For additional rules and constraints, please follow the link below.

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