Third Generation
Third Generations
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Japanese 第三世代
Romaji Daisansedai
Manga Shinra Kusakabe Joins the Force
ArrowArthur BoyleAssaultBenimaru ShinmonFlailGustav HondaHaumeaHibanaHikageHinataHitohashira-meInca KasugataniIronJokerKonro SagamiyaKurono YūichirōLeonard BurnsLisa IsaribiMirageNataku SonOgun MontgomeryOrochiPuppeteerRekka HoshimiyaSasoriShadow of the Holy Sun CaptainShinra KusakabeShō KusakabeStreamTakeru NotoTamaki KotatsuTōru KishiriYonaYona's Servant

The Third Generation (第三世代, Dai San Sedai) are a group of individuals that have adapted to the Spontaneous Human Combustion, and instead of becoming a Infernal, they awakened the ability to generate their own flames via a body part or object.[1] Because of their unique abilities, such as immunity to burning,[2] Third Generations usually become Fire Officers in the Special Fire Force.[3] As with the Second Generation, they sport higher physical capabilities as well as being more resilient to damage, along with natural immunity to flames.

Ignition Ability Edit

Main article: Ignition Ability

An Ignition Ability (発火能力, Hakka Nōryoku) is an ability granted to Third Generations. This ability allows the user to generate flames from certain body parts, such as their tongue,[4]fist, or leg, and the ability can be combined with specific types of objects like sword hilts or bubblegum.[5]

Weaknesses Edit

Though gifted with the power of igniting flames, this ability also comes with some drawbacks. If the ability is overused, the user can use so much oxygen that they'll no longer be able to use their Ignition Abilities until they've regathered more. Repetitive use of the ability under such oxygen-deprived conditions could lead to the body beginning to char, and the user can gain a lung disease from it.

Trivia Edit

  • In the anime, when Third Generation users activate their pyrokinesis, their eyes glow.

References Edit

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