The World of Flames
Chapter 52
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Chapter Info
Japanese 焔の世界
Arc Vulcan's Workshop arc
Chapter 52
Pages 20
Release Info
Japan October 19, 2016
Vulcan Joseph
No new techniques

The World of Flames (焔の世界, Honō no Sekai) is the fifty-second chapter of the Fire Force manga series.


In a flashback prior to Victor Licht joining the 8th, he is seen speaking with Joker in a shady room. The Joker tells him congratulations for infiltrating the 8th, and jokes about Victor being in a Special Fire Force, to which Victor says it isn't strange, since they are on the side of justice. Back in the present time, Victor reintroduces himself and gets scolded by Takehisa by saluting with the wrong hand. Victor suddenly becomes interested when Shinra walks into the room, diving to the floor to get a closer look at his feet and the Adora Burst that he has, to which Hibana protects Shinra like a mother would her son. Shinra then questions Victor on what the Adora Burst is exactly, since he didn't understand when the emperor explained it. Hibana states that the Adora Burst are the flames that created this country via the Amaterasu. Victor goes into a long explanation of the history of the world and how the flames have affected it. In conclusion, he says that Tokyo is the only safe place where people can live, because everywhere else had been destroyed by flames. He finally says that the science community calls the Adora Burst the Flames of Destruction, to which Shinra then remembers and understands why Arrow had said his flames were the flames that will destroy humanity. Shinra then asks Victor about the Adora Link, and although he says he hasn't heard of it before, Victor deceives him and becomes interested that Shinra knows what it is. Akitaru then picks up Victor's resume, and Hibana asks him why he wanted to join the 8th, to which Victor says he wanted to get a change of pace from working at Haijima, leaving Akitaru unconvinced. Takehisa mentions they were originally going to recruit Vulcan as a scientist, but he's turned down every request to join a Special Fire Force and Haijima. Akitaru then suggests that Shinra, Arthur and Iris go to Vulcan's workshop to talk to him directly, disguising themselves as civilians. Hibana calls it nonsense to try and recruit him, but Akitaru says that the 8th want to change the country, and so they have to do whatever it takes. During this time, Victor observes from a distance, interested in the way the 8th acts. He then thinks to himself that maybe, he can use the 8th to achieve Joker's objective. Later on, the three 8th members are seen walking through what looks like a wreck-yard. They arrive at abstract-looking building, and call out to Vulcan. As they attempt to get Vulcan's attention, they are continuously hit by soda cans thrown by an arm inside the workshop, irritating the fire officers. Suddenly, a young boy appears from behind them, the same boy that Shinra protected from Setsuo Miyamoto in the streets of Tokyo time ago.


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