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The Hero and the Princess
Chapter 11
Previous An Infernal with a Will
Next Company 5 and Company 8
Chapter Info
Japanese ヒーローと姫
Arc Introduction arc
Chapter 11
Pages 19
Volume Hero or Devil
Release Info
Japan December 9, 2015
No new techniques

The Hero and the Princess (ヒーローと姫, Hīrō to Hime) is the eleventh chapter of the Fire Force manga series.


Some time in the past, Shinra is seen watching TV while his mother, holding Sho in her hands, tells the boy to pull further away from the screen. Back at the present time, Setsuo arrives to a crowded location and targets a young boy for his next attack, however, when the Flame Human begins approaching his prey, Shinra jumps in to save the innocent person, kicking Setsuo away with the help of his Ignition Ability. Setsuo argues that he has the right to kill people as he had saved a larger quantity of people during his time as a firefighter. He then picks up a vehicle and throws it at some innocent bystanders, but Shinra manages to jump in and kick the car away, much to the shock and horror of the Flame Human. In the meantime, the 5th Special Fire Brigade are seen watching the fight between the two from the sidelines. Shinra begins praying for Setsuo's soul as he walks towards him, with the dedication to end the man's life, however, the Flame Human requests the luxury of having a sister pray for his soul. Using such a plea as a distraction, Setsuo attempts to attack Shinra from behind his back, but the Fire Officer quickly reacts to such an attempt and cuts off one of the Flame Human's arms with a fiery kick. As Shinra prepares to end Setsuo's life for a second time, Princess Hibana, the Battalion Commander of the 5th Special Fire Brigade, jumps in to protect the Flame Human from further jeopardy, as she wants to take in the Flame Human herself.

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