The Evil that Knows the Truth
Chapter 06
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Chapter Info
Japanese 真実を知る悪意
Arc Introduction arc
Chapter 06
Pages 18
Volume Hero or Devil
Release Info
Japan November 4, 2015
English February 7, 2017
Gustav Honda
No new techniques

The Evil that Knows the Truth (真実を知る悪意, Shinjitsu O Shiru Akui) is the sixth chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

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While inside the Haijima Industries, the stranger taunts Shinra about the incident twelve years prior, but the boy, despite his curiosity, orders the man to get away from the brigade members he injured. The strange man then threatens to kill the unconscious people, but Shinra uses his Third Generation abilities to make him fall back, though the man dodges all of the boy's kicks. The man then takes out a peculiar bottle from his pocket and asks Shinra to entertain him for information. While outside, Maki talks with Akitaru about the whereabouts of both Shinra and Arthur. They spot a participating Fire Officer, who uses his Ignition Ability to attack the building, while his Battalion Commander comments about him being a juggernaut. The explosions cause Tamaki, who was inside the building, to fall straight onto Arthur, making her get into an intimate situation yet again. She then lashes out at the boy for being a pervert, but Arthur tells her that he is not a cushion nor a sandbag. In the meantime, the mysterious man throws some sand at Shinra, which causes an explosion. The man uses it as a diversion to deliver devastating attacks at Shinra, using both martial arts and accelerating with the flames, generated by the explosion. He then creates card-shaped projectiles from the fire of his cigarette and throws them at Shinra, injuring him. Shinra, fearing death, shows off his devious smile, which makes the man give him a reward in the form of information that his younger brother, Shō Kusakabe, is still alive.

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  • In his debut scene, Gustav appears whilst lacking shoulder pads on his clothing, which appear in the following chapters.

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