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Tempe Edit
Character Info
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Hideyuki Hori (Japanese)
Technical Info
Type First Generation
Manga Burning Evil Lurks

Tempe is a former sentient Demon Infernal from the Chinese Peninsula.


Tempe's Infernal appearance.

Tempe wore a lightly coloured tattered robe with a hood and the Red Cross of the Sun God hanging around his neck. As a Demon Infernal, Tempe had a pair of horns piercing through his hood and a skull-like face with a singular large eye in the centre. Fire consistently emitted out of his mouth and eye socket. These horns sprouted from his eye sockets, while his neck opened to create his new mouth while his original became his new hollow eye.


Tempe was reduced to insanity following centuries of unending pain. He was consumed by a desire to die at all costs. He strove towards this goal with a great, even religious, fervor that inspired the loyalty of other suffering Infernals who treated him like a cult leader. As a human he was selfish in the face of disaster, placing more importance in protection of his wealth than the deaths of his wife and daughter. This selfishness carried into his madness, believing that he needs others to die with him so that they can tend to him in the afterlife and those he kills him belong to him. 


After losing his wife, daughter and fortune in the Great Disaster, Tempe ventured to the Tear in Space. Knowing something occurred there, he tried entering the tear. He was unsuccessful, leading to him questioning if humans weren't capable of entering. Immediately after, a woman emerged from the space. Tempe believed this being was god and begged for his happiness to be returned after his misfortunes, The Evangelist smiled as she used a bug to transform Tempe into an Infernal. After his horrific change, he decided on telling everyone about the miracles of his god.[1] Sometime later, Tempe became the leader of a group of sentient Infernals, and ordered them to collect stone tablets in order to make the Shintai in the Oasis explode and set their souls free.


Tempe manipulating fire.

Being a Demon Infernal, Tempe had access to tremendous firepower and was incredibly durable. Being able to blast foes aside with ease and enduring attacks from Ogun's Flamy Ink state without noticable damage. Due to his Infernal nature, he was effectively immortal and survived for hundreds of years. However unlike most Infernals and other Demons, Tempe remained sentient after his transformation. Retaining his intelligence meant he was able to speak and produce strategies in combat while also remaining in total control of his First Generation flames. He used them to create weapons such as a scythe, demonstrating impressive strength and skill while only using one hand.


Chinese Peninsula arc

Upon his group collecting all the stone tablets in order to activate the power plant to ultimately kill themselves, Tempe is informed of humans nearby. He tasks his group of infernals with killing anyone who gets in their way. After trapping most of the humans during their investigation of the Oasis, Tempe's group isolates and confronts Shinra Kusakabe. Refusing any offer of co-existing with the forest, Tempe attacks and explains that he wishes to die in the explosion of the Shintai even if it costs the lives of Xinqing Dao. Shinra and Ogun defeat Tempe's followers and Juggernaut prevents him from attacking Tamaki. The battle contuines while Shinra hears a voice through an Adolla Link, Ogun unleases his full power to hold Tempe back. While Tempe is unharmed by the attacks he is knocked backwards. Blessed with Grace, Shinra uses his Fourth Generation ability to knock Tempe high above the oasis and completely destroys the Infernal with a second blow. During the span of one second, Shinra sees Tempe's memories and experiences with The Evangelist.


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