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The Tear in Space.

The Tear in Space is a not fully understand phenomenon located on the Chinese Peninsula. It is only accessible to otherworldly beings, such as the Evangelist.


The Tear In Space appears as a transparent barrier across the landscape of the Peninsula. When looking at the Map of the post-Cataclysm world, the tear in space follows a visible line across the peninsula which resembles a segment of the land having been cut out and remaining segments lined up against each other. It is not currently known if the Tear is local only to the Chinese Peninsula, or is in fact a boundary line that runs around the circumference of the planet itself.

Notably, the ground on the other side of the Tear in Space is brighter in color. Nothing else about the interior is clear, but since the Evangelist emerged from the boundary, it is likely that the other side is connected to Adolla. After Tempe failed to enter the area, he determined that humans cannot pass through the Tear.[1] Interestingly, when the Evangelist came through, she was not visible on the opposite side of the Tear.


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