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Takigi Oze Edit
Character Info
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Active
Relative(s) Danrou Oze (Father)
Madoka Oze (Mother)
Maki Oze (Sister)
Technical Info
Type Second Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation Tokyo Army
Occupation Detective
Rank First Lieutenant
Manga Oze Family

Takigi is a Criminal Detective, that serves as a First Lieutenant in the Tokyo Army.


Like the other members of his family, Takigi is able to be both very agressive or gentle. While softer when talking to his girlfriend, Takigi is very resentful towards Company 8. Particularly Hinawa, for putting his sister in danger and taking her to places like the Netherworld.


Like his younger sister, Takigi is a Second Generation Pryokinetic. He is able to quickly bend flames and projectiles around himself to shield himself and his allies from attacks.

As a detective, Takigi is very observant. Quickly noticing changes to his sister's training and Takigi shows a high degree of flexibility and mobility on par with Hinawa. Being able to dodge attacks and maneuver around obstacles, even after being severely injured.


Operation Nether Investigation arc

Returning home early, Takigi joins his family for dinner. Afterwards, he asks his sister about the Netherworld as his lastest investigation involves it and The Evangelist. The next day, he and his partner enter the Nether and explore the maze of tunnels under Tokyo. Coming across a laboratory hidden within a boiler room. Inside, they find a dead Infernal and a bug before coming across a member of the White Clad who tries to kill them with a bomb but Takigi is able to protect himself and his partner with his powers.

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