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The Tabernacle.

The Tabernacle (御神体, Goshintai) is a generator. Due to it giving life to the Oasis, the animals that reside in the forest revere it as their god. It bares a striking resemblance to the Amaterasu of the Tokyo Empire in appearance and function.


The Tabernacle is a large thermal power station. Its primary use is to provide life to the surrounding area. While it resembles Amaterasu, it is also worn down, lacking much of the decorations, and is surrounded by damaged pillars. 

There is a metal door that leads inside the building. Its circular corridors and hallways are being preserved by the animals of the area. The sequence for Pi is carved into the walls and floor on the corridors. The heart of the generator is found in its inner circle, it resembles a large bonus with Torii gates leading to a locked entrance. The key to the door is shaped like a white-fletched arrow, of which there are eight.


The Tabernacle existed before The Evangelist came to Earth 250 years ago. Once it was repaired, The Woman in Black sealed herself inside and used her powers to build the Oasis and ease the suffering of the animals in the area. This allowed animals there to live for centuries and for plant life to survive and grow, despite the surrounding area being unstable molten rock. The Lady still lives on within the structure.

Eventually the animals were driven out by Tempe and his cult of Infernals, who hoped the destruction of the Tabernacle would cause an explosion powerful enough to kill them all. Weakened and unable to fight back herself, the Woman's Grace allows the Fire Soldiers investigating the area to defeat the Demon and restore order before sleeping once again. Using the information gathered from their expedition, the Fire Force return to Tokyo with a better understanding of the Pillars and their role in The Evangelist's scheme.


  • Tabernacle is term found in the Hebrew Bible, also referred to as the Tent of the Congregation or Tent of Meeting. It is a movable location that acts as a place for God to dwell on Earth.
  • In some Christian churches, a Tabernacle is the locked box in which the Eucharist (Last Supper) is stored. This consists of consecrated wine and wafers which symbolically represent the body and the blood of Christ.

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