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Tōjō Edit
Character Info
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Yūichirō Umehara (Japanese)
Joel McDonald (English)
Technical Info
Type First Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation Tokyo Army
Occupation Soldier
Manga The Origins of Fire Force Company 8 — Part One
Anime Formation of Special Fire Force Company 8 - The Strongest Hikeshi

Tōjō (灯城) is a soldier in the Tokyo Army stationed at Yokota.


Tōjō had short dark hair and soft facial features.


Tōjō showed himself to be an empathic person who was very observant when it came to his unlikely friend's behaviour. Highlighting how Hinawa's kind nature shone through his cynical demeanour. Tōjō also admitted to Hinawa that his nature had lead to some heartbreak and seemed to enjoy reading. Unlike Hinawa, Tōjō held some religious beliefs during his time in the army and valued his own life. He had his handgun baptised by the Church, feeling that it made a difference to the person being shot. During his Infernal transformation, he begged to be killed before he lost all control.


During a routine day at the Tokyo Military Base: Yokota, Tōjō and Sergeant Takehisa Hinawa discuss the merits of having their firearms baptised by the The Holy Sol Temple. While Hinawa dismisses the value of this action, while Tōjō has already had his handgun baptised and, despite not being part of Temple, feels like it is a meaningful gesture.[1]

Tōjō becoming an infernal.

One night, Tōjō began a rapid transformation into an Infernal. When he encountered Hinawa partway through his metamorphosis, Tōjō begged his friend to kill him while he still had some control over himself. While Hinawa takes aim, he is unable to end his friend's life due to both his emotions and his inability to kill him with an unbaptised gun. During Hinawa's hesitation, a group of soldiers arrive and quickly destroy the still changing Tōjō with a hail of gunfire. After his death, Hinawa collected Tōjō's baptised handgun as a memento of his friend. This gun would later be used by Hinawa and Akitaru Ōbi to lay another Infernal to rest.[2] This incident lead to the direct foundation of Special Fire Force Company 8.


Tōjō briefly appears a hallucination created by Mirage in an attempt to manipulate Hinawa. This fails as the memory of Tōjō actually fills the Lieutenant with hope and peace and drives him to finish his battle with Arrow.[3]


  • The surname Tōjō means "light" (灯) () and "castle" (城) ().


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