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Character Info
Kanji スミレ/炭隷
Romaji Sumire
Alias Sister Sumire (シスター・スミレ, Shisutā Sumire)
Gender Female   Female.png
Status Active
Voice Actor(s) Hitomi Shogawa (Japanese)
Jessica Cavanagh (English)
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation White-Clad
The Holy Sol Temple (Former)
Occupation Head Sister
Manga The Flower of Promise

Sumire (スミレ, Sumire) is a servant of the Evangelist and the Seventh Pillar. She is responsible for creating Pillars for 200 years since the failure of the Great Cataclysm, as well as the burning of St. Raffles Convent and the sisters residing in it.


Sumire is an older woman that wears a habit, which consists of a tunic, covered by a scapular, and a veil, dark shoes and a pendant with a cross-like insignia as a charm.


From what little seen of Sumire's personality, she was reluctant to allow Hibana to play with her prowess as a Third Generation, showing a cautious, but a compassionate side. Upon her reappearance, Sumire is highly evasive when questioned but will praise somebody for coming to the right conclusion. While she still acts in a warm and friendly manner, she is completely ruthless in her actions, deciding to kill quickly while acknowledging her target's skills with the same motherly tone.


Sumire attended The Holy Sol Temple, where she took care of children such as Hibana and Iris. She also claims to have looked after Rekka Hoshimiya when he was young. One day, when the Spontaneous Human Combustion struck the temple, her life, along with the lives of many other sisters attending the temple, was taken by the flames — an event that led to Hibana losing her faith. However unknown to Iris and Hibana, Sumire in truth either survived or faked her death during the phenomenon and seemed to have then gone into hiding for the next decade or so.


Sumire using her Ignition Ability.

Sumire is a powerful Third Generation pyrokinetic, whose capable of creating vibrations via the natural human reflex of shivering, which in turn causes every muscle in her body to vibrate in small bursts which, in turn, creates heat and from there she amplifies the heat and transforms it into kinetic energy which she then uses to create even bigger vibrations. By using her Adolla Burst in tandem with her ability, she can create even stronger vibrations capable of easily destroying metal with a touch and can subdue individuals with physical blows channeled with her vibrations to easily injure them and shake the very earth. Later Sumire reveals that her ability combined with her Adolla Burst allows her to create gigantic earth quakes easily able to shake the entire area of Tokyo multiple times. In addition to her powers, Sumire has an extensive knowledge off multiple fields, including botany, agronomy and entomology. She has also survived for 200 years and has not aged in a decade, implying some degree of immortality.


Return to St. Raffles arc

When Hibana , Karim and Foien Li come across the hidden Laboratory beneath St. Raffles, Hibana is sturck with the terrible revelation that the orphanage while using the children to create Third Generation pyrokinetics. Sumire steps out of the shadows to congratulate her on the discovery while the three stand in shock. Proud of her students growth, Sumire admits to everything and boasts her experiments with both pyrokinetics and doppelgängers have led to the creation of all Eight Pillars. Revealing that Sister Iris is unknowingly a doppelgänger of Amaterasu and a pyrokinetic, Sumire moves to attack the trio, with Li being distracted by a sudden earthquake allowing her to bring him down with an elbow and her instant destruction of Karim's instrument preventing him from fighting back. Noting that the Lieutenant was able to partly freeze her hand, she begins to answer his questions about Rekka and how she raised him.

Sumire talking with Hibana.

When Hibana stands her ground, Sumire summons Demon Infernals from her shadow. The doppelgängers of the sisters killed in the fire and Hibana's childhood friends. Li tries to attack from behind but the intensity of Sumire's vibrations damage his arm upon contact. While she prepares to kill the struggling and stunned fire soldiers, the roof suddenly explodes and Tōru Kishiri helps his captain to escape. Before she can attack, Sumire is pulled into an Adolla Link by Woman in Black. The Woman uses the last of her energy to tells Sumire that the world will not be changed by the Evangalist's plans before fading away. Sumire says goodbye and promises to fulfil her role as the Seventh Pillar.

Stone Pillars arc

Sumire runs into Sho as he makes his way through the White Clad's base to the Final Mass before the Second Cataclysm begins. She notices something different about him but he quickly brushes it off, not wanting to be near her. When Sho escapes, Sumire and Haumea tell Charon not to worry. Now that there are Eight living pillars all active and connected to Adolla; it no longer matters where they go as the Adolla connects them all. With The Evangalist happy with the current situation, Sister Sumire begins 'the Final preparation'. Shaking Tokyo with her vibrations. The next day another earthquake shakes the country and a mysterious Stone Pillar arises from the seabed.

Post-Kusakabe History arc

Sumire appears in this arc.


  • "Sumire" (スミレ) is initially written in katakana, implying her name means "violet", continuing with the flower theme. However, it is revealed her name is spelled with kanji, 炭隷, implying she is not like the others at the convent.
  • While Sumire first reveals her ability in Chapter 200, unnatural earthquakes appear in the series at Chapter 67, Implying that she was behind them and had been using her powers for her group's benefit all along.

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