Star Fist Punch
Star Fist Thrust
Kanji 星拳突き
Romaji Seiken-zuki
Technique Info
Classification Offensive
Range Short, Medium
Manga Shinra vs. Rekka

Star Fist Punch (星拳突き, Seiken-zuki) is the Ignition Ability used by Rekka Hoshimiya.

Usage Edit

Star Fist thrust

The ability used from a distance.

Once igniting flames from his fist, Rekka thrusts his arms forward in a punching motion and in a karate stance, landing a more powerful blow to the target. He can also punch from a distance and make his flames follow through so that if he can't reach the target with his fist, the flames directly hit it. This Ignition Ability is noted to be as strong as Shinra Kusakabe's.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • This ability is based on a technique in karate, known as Seiken-zuki, which means "to punch with the lead arm". Instead of the kanji "正", however, the kanji for the word "star" ("星") is used, creating a pun.

References Edit

  1. Chapter 29, page 11