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Special Fire Force Training Academy
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Professional Status
Affiliation Special Fire Force

The Special Fire Force Training Academy is a school where students are trained to become Fire Soldiers in the Special Fire Force.


The responsibility of training new Fire Soldiers for the Special Fire Force falls into the jurisdiction of Special Fire Force Company 4. Potential Fire Soldiers enter the academy at the age of thirteen and graduate four years later at the age of seventeen.

Company 4's firehouse doubles as the training academy.


Special Fire Force Company 4

Karin Sasaki

Ogun Montgomery

  • Third Generation: Ogun is able to cover his body in fire tattoos, increasing his strength.

Special Fire Force Company 8

Arthur Boyle

Shinra Kusakabe

  • Third Generation: Shinra is able produce flame jets from the bottoms of his feet.
    • Fourth Generation: Shinra can surpass the speed of light, causing his body to break apart and go back in time to rematerialize himself.


Before the start of the series, Shinra, Arthur, Karin, and Ogun were trained at the academy.


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