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Special Fire Force Company 8
Company 8's Members
Kanji 第8特殊消防隊
Rōmaji Dai 8 Tokushu Shōbōtai
Professional Status
Base of Operations Special Fire Cathedral 8
Status Active
Manga Shinra Kusakabe Joins the Force
Anime Shinra Kusakabe Enlists
Known Members

The Special Fire Force Company 8 (第8特殊消防隊, Dai 8 Tokushu Shōbōtai) is a Special Fire Force located in Tokyo. It was formed in a rush compared to the other Special Fire Force, and, as a result, it only has a few members and doesn't have a science nor research division. It is tasked to extinguish and purify the souls of Infernals and unravel the secrets of the Spontaneous Human Combustion.[1]

According to Akitaru Ōbi, the role of Company 8 within the Special Fire Force is to overview and investigate the 1st through 7th Special Brigades, as they could potentially be hiding information from the entire organization for personal reasons.[2]


Some time after joining the brigade, Shinra and Arthur both participate in the Rookie Fire Soldier Games, with the rest of the brigade arriving at the scene as spectators. When the building the competition was held in bursts into flames, the other brigade members successfully catch Arthur before he falls to the ground, while Shinra rescues two unconscious brigade members.[3]

Following the Rookie Fire Soldier Games, Company 5 confronts the brigade for the possession of the Infernal Setsuo Miyamoto, which leads to a stand-off between the two.[4] After Iris independently went to the Special Fire Force Combine 5 to talk with Princess Hibana, the 5th decide to hold her hostage to attract the 8th, all members of the 8th excluding Akitaru invade the Company 5's Combine to retrieve Iris and locate any documents they could be hiding about the Spontaneous Human Combustion. Takehisa and Maki managed to fight off the runts, Tōru Kishiri and 3 Angels of the 5th, while Arthur managed to kill Setsuo Miyamoto. After struggling against Hibana's abilities, Shinra knocked her out with a punch. After the feud, Hibana chose to cooperate with the 8th.


Suppress an Infernal in the Train Station.[5]
  • Participants: Akitaru Ōbi, T
  • Mission Status: Success.

The brigade was assigned to stop an Infernal, who was going berserk in a train station. With the help of Maki, who provided defensive support in extinguishing the incoming flames, and Takehisa, who slowed down the being's movement with the Special Fire Extinguishing Bullet, Akitaru managed to impale the Infernal's core with his Core Annihilating Pile Bunker, killing him and allowing Iris to send off his soul in peace.

Rescue an employee of the Kawaguchi Metal Fittings Corporation.[6]
  • Participants: Shinra Kusakabe, Akitaru Ōbi, Takehisa Hinawa, Maki Oze and Iris.
  • Mission Status: Failure.

Tasked with the job to storm a factory located in the Torigoe District, the brigade had to rescue one of its employees who was still trapped in the building during the rampage of the Infernal, Saeko. However, the brigade didn't make it in time and the employee was killed some time before the team stormed the building and fought the threat.

Suppress an Infernal in the Iriya District.[7]
  • Participants: Akitaru Ōbi, Takehisa Hinawa, Maki Oze, Iris, Shinra Kusakabe and Arthur Boyle.
  • Mission Status: Success.

The brigade was tasked to suppress Mikako's father, who had turned into an Infernal, in the Iriya District. They were greeted inside by the Infernal and allowed himself to be impaled by Arthur without any sort of resistance. Although there was no struggle caused from the threat, a third party was in an attempt to injure the team from the shadows by using an unknown substance to make the building's ceiling collapse.

Rescue the misfortune dog.[8]
  • Participants: Shinra Kusakabe and Arthur Boyle.
  • Mission Status: Success.

The brigade was called to rescue Mamoru, who was stuck in a tree after the Rookie Fire Soldier Games. At the scene, Shinra used his Ignition Ability to pick up the dog and deliver it safely on the ground. After the mission, the two Fire Soldiers helped Mamoru out with giving out balloons to children.

Dispose of the paroled Infernal in the courthouse.[9]
  • Participants: Maki Oze, Akitaru Ōbi, Takehisa Hinawa, Iris, Shinra Kusakabe and Arthur Boyle.
  • Mission Status: Partial Success.

The brigade was tasked to dispose of Setsuo Miyamoto, an ex-convict who turned into an Infernal and was causing havoc in the courthouse. Arthur and Shinra combated the threat first, with the rest of the brigade arriving to support the two in the fight later on. When the Infernal attempted to surrender, in hopes that his life would be spared this way, Takehisa shot him with his weapon, which forced the man to use his flames, causing a diversion that allowed him to escape. Promising to kill innocent people, the threat is left for Shinra to fight, as his Ignition Ability alone allows him to catch up to the fleeing opponent. Shinra continues to fight the opponent on his own, only to be stopped by Hibana. Akitaru later arrives to the scene and agrees to leave the Infernal in the hands of Company 5.

Extinguish The Infernal Masao.

  • Participants: Maki Oze, Akitaru Ōbi, Takehisa Hinawa, Iris, Shinra Kusakabe and Arthur Boyle.
  • Mission Status: Success.

Following Hinawa's orders, Shinra chases the rabid Masao to the rooftops of Tokyo. When the Infernal turns to face the Devil's Footprints, it is attacked from behind by Akitaru and extinguished with his Core Annihilating Pile Bunker. As the Company regroup and prepare to leave, they are berated by a woman close to Masao who acussess them of murdering him despite saving her life in the process. It is decided that it is best to let her blame them as an outlet for her grief.

Infiltrate the 1st Special Fire Force.[10]
  • Participants: Arthur Boyle and Shinra Kusakabe.
  • Mission Status: Success.

Arthur and Shinra were tasked with infiltrating Company 1, whilst under the ruse of joining the brigade's training regiment alongside Takeru Noto and Tōru Kishiri, and collecting information on the artificial Infernals, which were spotted in the Shinjuku District. After getting their combat skills tested, the two Fire Soldiers successfully enroll in the brigade as trainees and, in time, find Rekka Hoshimiya to be the culprit behind the creation of artificial Infernals.

Investigate White Hood Involvement in Asakusa. [11]

  • Participants: Akitaru Ōbi, Maki Oze, Takehisa Hinawa, Iris, Shinra Kusakabe, Arthur Boyle and Tamaki Kotatsu.
  • Mission Status: Failure.

The Fire Force is order by Raffles III to investigate the Knights of the Ashen Flame. Company 8 travel to Askusa to under the suspicion that a business in the area is connected to the organisation. Following conflict with the Captain of Company 7, Benimaru Shinmon, Company 8 find themselves and the town under attack form the White Hoods. Although the combined strength of Company 7 and 8 forces the White Hoods to retreat, the shadowy order managed to destroy the suspicious business Cpmapny 8 wished to investigate: preventing them from uncovering any new information.

Recruit the God of the Fire and Forge. [12]

  • Participants: Arthur Boyle, Shinra Kusakabe and Sister Iris. Later aided by Viktor Licht.
  • Mission Status: Success.

After the surprise addition of Viktor Licht to Company 8's science department, Captain Akitaru sends Iris, Shinra and Arthur to see if they can recruit a legendary engineer known as Vulcan Joseph. Despite his intense dislike for the Fire Force and Haijima Industries, Vulcan beings to find common ground with the young officers when they vista his workshop. The group are attacked by officers from Company 3, who are also members of the Knights of the Ashen Flame. While they are initially successful in repelling their attackers, Shinra is subdued, Arthur struggles against his opposition and Vulcan is incapacitated by the betrayal of Lisa, one of his closest friends. However, the timely intervention of Princess Hibana allows Shinra to prevent Captain Giovanni from killing Vulcan. During his battle with Giovanni, Shinra is confronted by the leader of the Ashen Flame Knights,  Shō Kusakabe. Shō quickly defeats Shinra, Arthur and Hibana, but they are rescued when the Workshop explodes and Licht provides an opportunity to escape via truck during the confusion. Shō attempts to stop their leave, but he is countered by the surprise arrival of Joker. After recovering in hospital, Vulcan agrees to join Company 8.

Defeat the White Hoods and Rescue Shō Kusakabe.[13]

  • ParticipantsAkitaru Ōbi, Maki Oze, Takehisa Hinawa, Iris, Shinra Kusakabe, Arthur Boyle, Tamaki Kotatsu, Viktor Licht and Vulcan Joseph.
  • Mission Status: Partial Success.

Upon entering the Never, Company 8 clash with members of the Knights of Ashen Flame. Maki overcomes Flail, Hinawa defeats Arrow, Arthur cuts down Mirage, while Iris and Tamaki defeat Assault by working together. Through an intense battle, Shinra is able to temporarily rival Shō's Severed Universe ability and is eventually able to use the Adolla Link to pacify his younger brother. However, Shinra is incapacitated in aftermath and is confronted by Haumea and Jonah. While the other members of Company 8 intervene and prevent Shinra's abduction, they are unable to prevent Shō's capture. Concerns over Shinra's near fatal wounds cause the team to abandon the attack, allowing Haumea and Jonah to escape with Shō. Shinra survives due Company 6's medical treatment and while he feels he failed, the majority of known White Hoods were defeated due to Company 8's combined efforts.

Contain the mass Infernal Outbreak.

  • Participants: Akitaru Ōbi, Maki Oze, Takehisa Hinawa, Iris, Tamaki Kotatsu, Viktor Licht and Vulcan Joseph.
  • Mission Status: Success

With at least 8 Infernals rampaging through the city and a large fire appearing as a result: Company 8 focus on aiding the evacuation and containing the situation. While Akitaru is able to defeat 3 Infernals, Maki realises that the Infernal's numbers are growing rapidly. This is assumed to be the result of the bugs and White Hood involvement. Company 8 quickly find themselves overwhelmed, with even Vulcan being forced to fight and Tamaki aiding with the repose of the Infernal souls. The situation is made worse when a Demon Class Infernal appears. Though the aid of Company 1, Company 2 and Company 5 they are able to regain control of the crisis. Licht is able to organise a plan using the various types of Second Generation fire control among the 4 companies to create a massive firestorm out of the fire raging in the city. After Vulcan and Akitaru force the Demon into the pillar of flame, Hinawa fires a mortar shell through the storm and uses the surrounding flame to massively accelerate his shot so it has the power to obliterate the demon. Lieutenant Karim Flam then freezes the firestorm solid.

Secure The Fifth Pillar.

  • ParticipantsShinra Kusakabe
  • Mission Status: Failure

Before the massive fire engulfed the city, the mysterious Fire Thief Inca was spotted in the area. Due to her unusual abilities, Company 8 fear she is the newly awakened Fifth Pillar the White Hoods are hunting for. While the rest of the company focus on containing the Infernals and blaze, Shinra is sent to locate Inca and protect her from danger. Shinra spots the girl from above and interferes in Charon's abduction attempt. However due to Inca's stubbornness and Charon's power, Shinra is quickly overwhelmed and is almost abducted, as the Preacher plans on using him as the 'Fourth Pillar'. Fortunately he is feed from captivity by Tōru Kishiri and Takeru Noto and continues the fight. Despite Shinra discovering the nature of Charon's ability and unleashing a powerful attack, his foe quickly recovers and Inca chooses to join the White Hoods of her own will.

Assist the Evacuation and Force the Plasma User to Retreat.

  • Participants: Arthur Boyle and Maki Oze
  • Mission Status: Partially Success

Due to concerns that Haumea may be interfering with the Infernal Crisis, Akitaru orders Maki to scan the city using her Iron Owls to find their enemy. When she is spotted, Arthur is sent to battle her as his Excalibur directly counters her electrical signals and plasma abilities. After attacking from the air, Arthur engages Haumea. Eventually, Haumea orders her allies to move quickly so they can leave. Arthur successfully forces Haumea to retreat, however her ally manages to obtain one of their objectives before leaving.

Trivia Edit

  • The phrase "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust", from the chant "Flames are the breaths of souls... And smoke is the souls' release... Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. This soul, return to the raging flames." that the brigade preaches, is a phrase from the funeral service in the Book of Common Prayer.

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