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Special Fire Force Company 7
Special Fire Force Company 7.png
Kanji 第7特殊消防隊
Rōmaji Dai 7 Tokushu Shōbōtai
Professional Status
Base of Operations Special Fire Guardhouse 7
Status Active
Manga Scorching Malice
Known Members

The Special Fire Force Company 7 (第7特殊消防隊, Dai 7 Tokushu Shōbōtai) is the seventh regiment of the Special Fire Force. They are an independent company stationed at Special Fire Guardhouse 7 in Asakusa.

Like other brigades, it is tasked to extinguish and purify the souls of Infernals and unravel the secrets of the Spontaneous Human Combustion.[1]


Unlike the other Fire Force Companies, the 7th acts completely independent. Captain Benimaru claims they swear no loyalty to the Tokyo Empire or the Holy Sol religion. According to Obi, they never show up to any type of meeting. When the emperor calls upon all the companies for an emergency conference, Benimaru even interrupted and left immediately after the meeting started.

Benimaru refers to his group as the "neighborhood watch", as they watch over Asakusa and extinguish any fires in that area. Rather than offering up a prayer, buildings are destroyed as offerings for the tragedy. Most of the citizens in Asakusa know Benimaru personally and would be grateful to have "Waka" put them to rest should they ever infernalize.


Suppress an Infernal in Asakusa
  • Participants: Benimaru Shinmon.
  • Mission Status: Success.

A citizen in Asakusa named Kantarō infernalizes and starts a fire in the district. Benimaru leads the Hikeshi and begins a festival to put their fallen friend to rest. Several blocks are destroyed in the process, but Benimaru ultimately puts the infernal to rest without incident.


  • Their appearance and equipment are based on the hikeshi, fire patrols that were active during the Edo period in Japan. Particularly they carry matoi (flagpoles used to signal the location of fires and rally other patrols to them) with the kanji for "seven" (七) written on them.
    • The specific practice of destroying buildings as "offerings" when someone becomes and Infernal is a direct reference to the history of fire fighting in this time period. Historically, hikeshi's primary method of firefighting was to demolish buildings surrounding those already ablaze to prevent fire from spreading.


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