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Special Fire Force Company 5
Fire Force Company 5.png
Kanji 第5特殊消防隊
Rōmaji Dai 5 Tokushu Shōbōtai
Professional Status
Affiliation Haijima Industries
Tokyo Imperial Military
Base of Operations Special Fire Force Combine 5
Status Active
Manga The Hero and the Princess
Anime The Hero and the Princess (episode)
Known Members

The Special Fire Force Company 5 (第5特殊消防隊, Dai 5 Tokushu Shōbōtai) is a Special Fire Force that is heavily influenced by Haijima Industries,[1] which is stationed at the Special Fire Force Combine 5 in Tokyo.

Like other brigades, it is tasked to extinguish and purify the souls of Infernals, protect the public and unravel the secrets of the Spontaneous Human Combustion.[2]


In Year 198, the brigade's Battalion Commander attends the Rookie Fire Soldier Games, where the newest recruit of the brigade participates.[3] She watches on as the building bursts into flames, resulting in the tournament being halted. Several brigade members later witness the confrontation between Setsuo Miyamoto and Shinra Kusakabe.[4] The brigade confronts the Special Fire Force Company 8 for the possession of the Infernals, which leads to the stand-off between the two.[5] When they finally return to their headquarters, Hibana is seen experimenting on and torturing Setsuo.

Following the Rookie Fire Soldier Games, the 5th Special Fire Brigade confronts the brigade for the possession of the Infernal Setsuo Miyamoto, which leads to a stand-off between the two.[5] After Iris independently went to the Special Fire Force Combine 5 to talk with Princess Hibana, the 5th decide to hold her hostage to attract the 8th, all members of the 8th excluding Akitaru invade the 5th's Combine to retrieve Iris and locate any documents they could be hiding about the Spontaneous Human Combustion. Takehisa and Maki managed to fight off the runts, Tōru Kishiri and the 5th Angels Three, while Arthur managed to kill Setsuo Miyamoto. After struggling against Hibana's abilities, Shinra knocked her out with a punch. After the feud, Hibana chose to cooperate with the 8th.


Capture the sentient Infernal.[4]
  • Participants: Hibana, 5th Angels Three, Tōru Kishiri and others.
  • Mission Status: Success.

When the brigade discovers a Infernal with its humanity intact, Hibana confronts it, while 3 members of the brigade surround and restrain the being, in order to later examine him.


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