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Special Fire Force Company 1
1st Special Fire Brigade
Kanji 第1特殊消防隊
Rōmaji Dai 1 Tokushu Shōbōtai
Professional Status
Affiliation The Holy Sol Temple
Base of Operations 1st Special Fire Fighting Cathedral
Status Active
Manga The Rookie Fire Soldier Games
Known Members

The Special Fire Force Company 1 (第1特殊消防隊, Dai 1 Tokushu Shōbōtai) is an elite Special Fire Force, vastly composed of members from The Holy Sol Temple[1], that is in charge of the Shinjuku District in Tokyo.[2] Like other brigades, it is tasked to extinguish and purify the souls of Infernals and unravel the secrets of the Spontaneous Human Combustion.[3]

History Edit

In Year 186, when Shinra Kusakabe's house caught fire, Leonard Burns attended the scene and rescued the boy.[4] Twelve years later, the Battalion Commander attends the Rookie Fire Soldier Games, where the newest recruit of the brigade participates, and intervenes when the building bursts into flames, rescuing the girl while using his Ignition Ability.[5] The majority of the brigade later dealt with a giant Infernal in the Shinjuku District, which they defeat.

Missions Edit

Suppress a Infernal.[6]
  • Participants: Rekka Hoshimiya, Karim Flam.
  • Mission Status: Success.
Dispose of giant Infernal.[7]
  • Participants: Leonard Burns.
  • Mission Status: Success.

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