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Special Fire Force Combine 5
Combine 5.png
Kanji 第5特殊消防コンビナート
Rōmaji Dai 5 Tokushu Shōbō Konbināto
Professional Status
Affiliation Special Fire Force Company 5
Manga The Holy Woman's Resolve
Anime The Battle Begins (episode)

The Special Fire Force Combine 5 (第5特殊消防コンビナート, Dai 5 Tokushu Shōbō Konbināto) is the headquarters of the Special Fire Force Company 5, located in Tokyo.[1]


The 5th's headquarters mostly consists of a big and widespread industrialised church, which consists of several separate buildings: a multi-storey cube-shaped structure with a pipeline system, which appears to connect all buildings of the complex, and a cross-like crest with the number "5" inside of it, a round and tall scouting tower, with the number "5" imprinted on the front, a radio tower with a satellite disk attached to it, two shorter and round buildings with several glass windows and a small turret on each and several other buildings. The inside of the complex was not explored upon, however, it is known that Company 5 has hold of highly-advanced technology that allows them to conduct research on Infernals. Inside the large complex is a big fancy mansion exclusively for Princess Hibana, which Shinra suggests matches her personality.[2] Next to the mansion is a vast front garden porch with symmetrical trees and plants on each side. The mansion consists of one large sector of a building with two floors and windows across the entire building.


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