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Special Fire Force
Special Fire Forces.png
Kanji 特殊消防隊
Rōmaji Tokushu Shōbōtai
Other Name(s) Blue Stripes
Professional Status
Base of Operations Tokyo
Status Inactive
Manga Shinra Kusakabe Joins the Force
Known Members

The Special Fire Force (特殊消防隊, Tokushu Shōbōtai), also nicknamed Blue Stripes (青線, Aosen), are a fire fighting force, which was originally formed by members of the Fire Defense Agency, The Tokyo Army and The Holy Sol Temple. All eight brigades investigate the nature and origins of Spontaneous Human Combustion, as well purify the souls of Infernals.[1]


Formal Uniform

Special Fire Force Soldiers Formal Uniform.

For formal meetings, Fire soldiers wear officer-like uniforms. The uniforms appear to be different for each Company, and different for men and woman.

In the case of Company 2, the men’s uniform is an olive green gakuran jacket with olive green pants.

In the case of Company 5 and Company 8, the men’s uniform in a black gakuran jacket and black pants.

The Company 8 woman’s uniform is a white dress shirt and blue tie with a dark-blue jacket and skirt.

There are some aspects that exist across the Formal Uniforms of multiple or all Companies; the Fire Soldiers wear a band around their arm with the number of their company on it, and men have the option of wearing a robe around their shoulders. Men wear light-black police-like hats while woman wear dark-blue World War I Air Force-like hats. They also wear semi-casual dress shoes.

Field Uniform

When in the field, members of the Special Fire Force wear black-gray firefighter bunker gear. Fire Soldiers from Tokyo tend to wear black helmets on their heads, with the letters "FIRE SOLDIER # TOKYO", which was later changed to "FIRE FORCE # TOKYO" (with # being the companies corresponding digit). They also wear large jackets with bright neon-blue stripes across the wrist and stomach-area, as well as the shoulder and torso-area. There is also a collar directing outwards. Their jackets have buttons in shape of a cross. The uniform also consists of metal-plated gloves and a neck protector.

Fire Soldiers wear striped trousers, black-coloured shirts, buckled at the waist with a belt, and black boots. On the left upper-arm of their jackets, a number patch with the insignia of the brigade is present.

The Field uniforms, however, are allowed to be customised, as shown with Shinra having his trousers cut shorter to reach above his feet, in order to compliment his ability to produce flames.

Off Duty Uniform

When off duty, Fire Soldiers were seen wearing orange jumpsuits with the same cross-shaped symbol on their backs.


The main objectives of the Special Fire Force is to solve the secrets behind the Spontaneous Human Combustion Phenomenon, and kill people who have transformed into Infernals, not just to protect the public, but also to free the Infernal from their suffering.

There is a training facility where many potential Fire Soldiers attend and train at before joining the ranks of a Special Fire Force.[2] New recruits compete against each other once a year in the annual Rookie Fire Soldier Games.[3]

Though all of the Brigades have the objective of discovering the secret behind the phenomenon, they differentiate in their own power and backgrounds. For instance, members of Company 1 originate from The Holy Sol Temple, while members of Company 2 revolve around the Tokyo Army, and Company 3 is affiliated with Haijima Industries, which plays a significant role in producing and equipping the Special Fire Force Companies with all the equipment they utilize.[4]

Because of the divide and differing interests among the Special Fire Force's individual Companies, Akitaru Ōbi suspects that each of the brigades of the 1st to 7th are gathering information on the phenomenon, but are keeping it a secret and don't reveal their findings.

Ranking system and roles

The captains of the Special Fire Forces.

  • The Captain (called the Battalion Commander (大隊長, Daitaichō) in the Japanese manga) is the leader and strongest fighter of the brigade.
  • The Lieutenant (called the Company Commander (中隊長, Chūtaichō) in the Japanese manga) is the second-in-command of the brigade. There can be more than one Lieutenant in a brigade.
  • The Fire Soldier (消防官, Shōbōkan) is a soldier within the Special Fire Force. There are two different types of Fire Soldiers: First Class (一等, Ittō) and Second Class (二等, Nitō).
  • The Sister (シスター, Shisutā) functions as a sort of priest of the team and says a prayer for the people turned into Infernals.
  • The Science Team (科学捜査班, Kagakusou Han) operates as the scientists in the brigade.
  • The Engineer (機関員, Kikanin) operates the weapons department and is in charge of maintenance.


Brigade Name Controlled by Members
Fire Force 1.png
Special Fire Force Company 1
The Holy Sol Temple
Company 2.png
Special Fire Force Company 2
Tokyo Army
Special Fire Force Company 3.png
Special Fire Force Company 3
Haijima Industries
Special Fire Force Company 4.png
Special Fire Force Company 4
Fire Defence Agency
Special Fire Force Company 5.png
Special Fire Force Company 5
Haijima Industries
Special Fire Force Company 6.png
Special Fire Force Company 6
The Holy Sol Temple
Special Fire Force Company 7.png
Special Fire Force Company 7
Fire Force Company 8.png
Special Fire Force Company 8


  • A salute by an officer is made only with the right hand.[5]


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