Special Fire Cathedral 8

Special Fire Cathedral 8.

The Special Fire Cathedral 8 (第8特殊消防教会, Dai 8 Tokushu Shōbō Kyōkai) is the headquarters of the Special Fire Force Company 8, located in Tokyo.[1]


The Special Fire Company 8's headquarters is an imposing building, located somewhere in Tokyo, that resembles a cathedral. As far as the exterior design is concerned, on each side of the building's entrance resides a small tower-like structure with a feminine statue in the middle and pointy protrusions jutting upwards at the top, while in front of it there is a big yard. Above the cathedral's door, there are several unknown objects, with some seeming to be simple decorations and some to be lights. In both front corners of the main building there are two enormous towers with peaked tops, that appear to have small windows. In the middle of the building, there is a huge cross-like symbol and eight windows in total, two on the left side, two on the right side and four below the symbol; the same symbol appears again at the roof and right above the door. The building also possesses an attic which is ornately decorated on the front side with four arched windows, six sharp bars, three on each side and a big, a round window with seemingly flower petals carved all around it and the cross symbol at the very top. From the tiled roof two more protrusions jut upwards on the building's angles, one in each side. The cathedral was mentioned to look run-down by Shinra.[2]

Next to the main building from the right side there is a garage with the Special Fire Force Company 8's Special Armoured Fire Engine; it has two arched entrances and on top of it there is an enormous, seemingly metallic structure with the number "8" on it. On the other side of the main building, there are several towers that connect to it with some kind of bridges.

Little has been shown of the inside of the building so far but there is a room where the Fire Soldiers can work out, a bathroom, several bedrooms, one for each member, a huge hall and an office.


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