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Schop Edit
Character Info
Alias Scop
Voice Actor(s) Kentarō Itō (Japanese)
Tyler Walker (English)
Manga The Outside World
Anime Road to the Oasis (episode)

Schop is a talking mole from the Oasis on the Chinese Peninsula.[1]


Schop is a blue-nosed mole with black fur, that sprouts a blue flame from its backside which resembles a tail.[2] It wears a dark blue tatted scarf, which it received from The Traveler shortly before being exposed to the fire. Mysteriously, Schop's eyes seemingly appear and disappear depending on its mood. With a flame erupting from its left eye when particularly motivated. In the past, it more closely resembled a real-life mole.


Schop claims to have been alive shortly after The Great Disaster 250 years ago. A mysterious woman appeared and taught him and the other animals how to speak. The Traveler created a flame that eased Schop's hunger and extended its lifespan. She later built a Amaterasu-like structure and disappeared.


Chinese Peninsula arc

After stealing potatoes from New Qingdao, it was chased by a gigantic worm. Yelling out for help, it jumps on a nearby trunk under the belief it contains troops from New Qingdao.

Return to St. Raffles arc

Schop appears in this arc.

Post-Arthur's Adventure arc

Schop appears in this arc.


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