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Sancho Edit
Character Info
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Alive
Relative(s) Panda (Brother)
Voice Actor(s) Yasuaki Takumi (Japanese)
Manga A New Conflict

Sancho is a citizen of Tokyo.


Sancho is tall when compared to his colleagues. He has short, dark, messy hair and unusually shaped and asymmetric eyebrows. He wears a darkly coloured jacket and trousers with a lightly coloured buttoned shirt, with his collar undone. When working with Inca and Panda, Sancho wore a hockey mask.


Fifth Pillar arc

Sancho and Panda meet with Inca in a park. When Inca yells at them for being late, Sancho claims that Panda overslept and that they have gotten things ready. The trio don their masks and get ready to take advantage of fire Inca claims is going to happen soon.