Sakura Edit
Character Info
Gender Female   Female.png
Status Active
Voice Actor(s) Mayu Mineda (Japanese)
Jill Harris (English)
Technical Info
Type First Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation The Holy Sol Temple
Occupation Sister
Manga The Flower of Promise

Sakura is a former sister of St. Raffles Convent.


While human, Sakura was a young girl with freckles that wore a habit. Upon turning into an Infernal, she manifested black skin and horns.


Due to Sumire's experiments, Sakura was turned into a Demon Infernal.


Post-Ōbi's Rescue arc

While Hibana confronted Sumire for her actions against the sisters of St. Raffles Convent, Sakura and other Demon Infernals appeared beneath Sumire until the Fire soldiers escaped.

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