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Sōichirō Hague's Doppelgänger Edit
Sōichirō Hague's Doppelgänger.png
Character Info
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 256

This being was the doppelgänger of Sōichirō Hague.


The doppelgänger's face appeared near identical to its counterpart, sunken eyes with glowing irises and without glasses. It worn black trousers tattooed around the ankles and was barefoot. It appeared to wear a long black scarf that did not actually connect to its neck. Shirtless, it exposes a muscular physique that sometimes appears to be inhuman in its construction.


Unlike many of its peers, this doppelgänger is near silent. It merely repeats the original Hague's desire to fight in order to experience the Adolla once more. Unlike the original it shows no concern for the safety of Company 4 or civilians, indiscriminately killing as it went.


Like its counterpart, the doppelgänger wielded a battle-axe with incredibly proficiency, which it could use to easily kill a Special Fire Force soldier and smash through pyrokinetic shields with frightening ease. While the original Hague used hooks and wires to restrain his opponents, this copy used its scarf as weapon. It moved independently of the user's body, wrapped around targets and toss them around with ease.


Great Cataclysm arc

While Special Fire Force Company 4 dealt with the impending second Great Cataclysm, the doppelgänger killed one of its member with its axe. Having been noticed, it then attacked Pan Ko Paat with it. Having survived, it begins talking to him and Karin Sasaki about having saw the original. Rather than despairing over the sight, Pan declared this to be a false image of the man he respected built by somebody who never knew him. The doppelgänger attack Karin with its scarf but is tackled by Pan who then uses his Buffs to increase his own abilities to superhuman levels despite the risks.

Hague's doppelgänger defeated.

When the doppelgänger of Hague swings two axes down on Pan's shoulders, it is shocked when the new Captain grabs its arms to prevent the blades from digging to deeply and breaks them. Pan then unleashed his Rending Multi-Stacked Drill, utterly destroying the doppelgänger's torso with a single strike. As the dead creatures remains disappear, Pan restates it was just a distorted memory meant to hurt others.