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This is the article on the event. For the similarly named chapter, see The Rookie Fire Soldier Games.

Fire Soldier's participating in the Rookie Games.

The Rookie Fire Soldier Games (消防官新人大会, Shōbōkan Shinjin Taikai) is a simulation contest held once a year for the newest recruits of all the Special Fire Brigades.[1] In year 198, the competition was held at Haijima Industries.


Before the competition, each participant has their Ignition Ability verified. The objective of the exam is for the entrant to siege the building and purify the soul of the "Infernal" inside as fast as possible, doing so while working their way past obstacles and saving those in need of any sort of assistance.[2]


After the signal fire, the entrants race towards the building. Shinra uses his ability to bypass the obstacles and fly straight onto the rooftop, which encourages the other participants to use their abilities to advance forwards. The exam, however, is cut short when Joker knocks out two members of an unspecified brigade, fights Shinra, with Arthur and Tamaki later lending the Fire Soldier a hand, inside the building and uses an unknown explosive substance to put the lives of others in jeopardy. After the incident, the competition was halted.

Known participants

Name Special Fire Brigade
Arthur Boyle 8th Special Fire Brigade
Takeru Noto 2nd Special Fire Brigade
Shinra Kusakabe 8th Special Fire Brigade
Tamaki Kotatsu 1st Special Fire Brigade


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