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Raffles III

Character Info
Kanji ラフルス3世
Romaji Rafurusu 3 Sei
Gender Male   Male
Status Active
Voice Actor(s) Bin Shimada (Japanese)
Steve Powell (English)
Professional Status
Occupation Imperial King
Manga Heroes Assemble
Anime The Promise (episode)

Raffles III (ラフルス3世, Rafurusu 3 Sei) is the Imperial King (皇王, Kōō) of Tokyo.

Appearance Edit

Raffles III is an elderly man with a braided long beard that reaches down to his chest. He wears a mitre atop his head with a cross on it, and a chasuble around his shoulders that reaches up to his head. Underneath the chasuble, he dons a robe.

Personality Edit

As a follower of The Holy Sol Temple, he has surrendered his body to the Sun God. Sharing a different view to the citizens of Asakusa, he considers them for worshipping a God of Destruction and refusing to be led by the church as heretics.[1]

Plot Edit

Preacher Pursuit arc Edit

After hearing about the situation with the White Hoods and artificial Flame Humans, Raffles III demanded his attendants to gather all of the Battalion Commanders of the Special Fire Brigade to discuss the matter. Once gathered, Raffles III commands all of the Fire Brigades to search for the preacher, the person behind all of the sudden and evil occurrences, and put a stop to his plans.

VS Holy Sol Temple arc Edit

After explaining why he has surrendered his body to the Sun God to a church member at the The Holy Sol Temple – Holy See, Raffles questioned if the people of Asakusa still reject the grace of Amaterasu. Being informed that the cardinals haven't provoked Benimaru Shinmon, Raffles wondered why the town would worship such a destroyer. Immediately after, he is notified that Benimaru is attacking the compound, much to his confusion. During the assault, Raffles escapes to the Netherworld through a secret entrance underneath the church.

References Edit

  1. Chapter 124, page 12-14
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