Pusu Pusu Comet☆
Pusu Pusu Comet
Kanji プスプスこめっと☆
Romaji Pusu Pusu Kometto☆
Technique Info
Classification Offensive, Defensive
Parent Item Pusu Pusu
Range Long
Manga An Infernal with a Will
Anime The Battle Begins (episode)

Pusu Pusu Comet☆ (プスプスこめっと☆, Pusu Pusu Kometto☆) is a Second Generation attack used by Maki Oze.


Using the flames that were launched at her, Maki creates a large comet-shaped Pusu Pusu, which is then launched at the target. This technique utilises both offense and defense, as the incoming flames are redirected from the user to their original source.

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