Pusu Pusu
Pusu Pusu
Kanji プスプス
Technique Info
Classification Offensive, Supplementary
Manga The Devil, The Knight, and The Witch
Anime The Heart of a Fire Soldier

Pusu Pusu (プスプス, Pusu Pusu) is the name of the sentient fireball that Maki Oze creates using her abilities as a Second Generation.

Usage Edit

Pusu Pusu takes the form of a small floating fire-blob that generates the sound of crackling fire. Though the technique isn't lethal, it can knock down and subdue an individual. [1] It can also be used defensively, by utilising the flames of an enemy to become this. With enough flames, the technique can generate a gigantic, horrendous-looking fireball.

Trivia Edit

  • The creature's appearance has a similar appearance to the soul of Maka Albarn, a main character from Atsushi Ōkubo's previous work, Soul Eater.
  • Pusu Pusu ("プスプス") is onomatopoeia of crackling fire.
  • The huge fireball creature, produced using Pusu Pusu and Third Generation flames, can somehow bleed, despite being made out of fire. This is most likely for comedic effect.[2]
  • In the English dub, Pusu Pusu’s name is changed to Sputter.

References Edit

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