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Puppeteer Edit
Character Info
Gender Female   Female.png
Status Active
Voice Actor(s) Saori Hayami (Japanese)
Monica Rial (English)
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation Haijima Industries

The Puppeteer is an employee of Haijima Industries' Skills Development Laboratory.


The Puppeteer is a woman with lengthy eyelashes and light pupils. She styles her dark hair in a ponytail and wears a loose white shirt with a large frilly collar. In addition to her dark trousers and shoes, she wears an angel-themed belt buckle which she is keen to point out.


She is a cheerful and friendly woman who is very keen on understanding children and is puzzled by Vulcan's obsessive nature. She uses research and common knowledge to make herself and her puppets more appealing to children, while approaching others with a bubbly schoolmarm demeanor. Like Maki, she is interested in making things seem cute, claiming that it will strengthen the bond between a tool and its user. Despite her innocent appearances, The Puppeteer views people and robots in the same light: things that can easily be predicted and controlled to her will. This holds true for children, who she claims are meant to be used by adults and as such has no guilt over them being abused by her employers despite claiming to care for them. When sufficiently irritated, the Puppeteer is shown a condescending and sinister side of herself; even becoming internally focused on brutally punishing the source of her anger, even disregarding previous concerns and even opponents.


Puppeteer's Puppets.png

This Haijima employee is a Third Generation,[1] whose abilities alloy her to control a series of puppets called Dominion through a series of wires. Because of the strength of the weapon and her own firepower, Dominion is capable of incredible feats of strength despite its small size. Even able to knock aside the Iron Owls with ease and firing tremendous blasts of flame.  Because her devices are powered by fire and not electricity, her weaponry is immune to electromagnetic interference. However, a strong electrical surge can destroy her tools through wiring.

Puppeteer's Puppet.png

If needed, she is able to use a robot called Dominion of Punishment that is more powerful than her other weapons and is armed with claws shape enough to cut through concrete. This Machine is also insulated and immune to electrical damage, while also being controlled by exceptionally thin strings. She also possesses the ability to project fire from her feet to slow her descent when in the air. The Puppeteer also shows a keen understanding of mechanics and machinery, presumably building her Dominion units herself and being able to use her own equipment to detect the effectiveness of enemy equipment during battles.


Hajima Industries arc

The Puppeteer was sent to the Laboratory to look after and entertain the children afraid of Yūichirō Kurono. When Special Fire Force Company 8 attacks the base, her Dominion puppet is able to flip their Matchbox over and even dent it. Maki and Vulcan battle her while the rest of Company 8 continue their advance. While initially succeeding against the duo, her Dominion is destroyed by Maki's weaponry.

Despite seemingly being powerless, the Puppeteer summonsing a swarm of puppets to be used against her opponents but they are suddenly and surprisingly destroyed by Haumea. Angered by the girl's interference and attitude, The Puppeteer turns her focus to her new opponent while Maki battles against Arrow and Vulcan escapes finding Arthur. When Vulcan manages to nullify Haumea's abilities The Puppeteer continues to pursue her while she is vulnerable.


  • The Puppeteer's cross-shaped eyes resemble the cross bars that control a marionette's wires, in reference to her powers.


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