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Rōmaji Hashira
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A Pillar (柱, Hashira) is a certain pyrokinetic individual who possesses an Adolla Burst. They are each protected by a Guardian from various organizations.

Adolla Burst

The Adolla Burst is a flame that originates from the realm of Adolla, also known as hell. The exact nature of the Adolla Burst remains unknown, however it has been referred to as a "pure and unsullied flame".

It is being in possession of an Adolla Burst that makes someone a Pillar. However, not all people who possess an Adolla Burst are pillars; Faerie possesses an Adolla Burst, but he is not a pillar. It is currently unknown what differentiates a pillar from an Adolla Burst possessor who is not a pillar.

The Adolla Burst allows them to connect with Adolla and with each other through the Adolla Link. Under the right conditions, it also greatly enhances their pyrokinetic abilities, allowing them to achieve feats that would otherwise not be possible, such as the manipulation of time and gravity.

Great Cataclysm

It was the flame of Adolla that burned across the world during the Great Cataclysm. It was meant to completely burn the world to ashes, but the endeavor was a failure due to the number and strength of the Pillars at the time.[1] It is theorized and confirmed that if the current eight pillars come together with the Evangelist, a second Great Cataclysm will occur.[2] Each of the Pillars embodies a different negative human emotion. These emotions, born from humanity themselves, are what fuel the fires of the Great Cataclysm.[3]

Sumire experimented for over two hundred and fifty years to have all the Pillars assembled, with the Eighth Pillar being the final one,[4] in order to successfully recreate the event.

Known Members

Name Number Emotion Powers Description Image
Amaterasu First Pillar (一柱目, Hitohashira-me) Madness The exact nature of Amaterasu’s pyrokinetic abilities remain unclear, however she is capable of generating enough power to fuel the entire Tokyo Empire for a prolonged period. A spectral blonde woman with a claims to have watched over the entire nation. She appears to exist within the Adolla realm and is able to communicate with other Pillars through the Adolla Link. Her allegiance is currently unknown but she serves the purposes of the White Clad. First Pillar.png
Haumea Second Pillar (二柱目, Nihashira-me) Passivity Haumea’s power is that she can generate and control electricity, allowing her to shock opponents, fry electrical systems, and send and receive information directly from peoples brains. She can even use her electric abilities to take control of another persons nervous system, endorphins, and neurotransmitters, allowing her to control their actions and behavior. She has been allied with the Evangelist since her infancy and has repeatedly attempted to gather more users of the Adolla Burst to achieve her goals. With her mind reading abilities, constantly hearing the dark and selfish thoughts of humanity has caused her to go mad. Haumea Infobox.png
Shō Kusakabe Third Pillar (三柱目, Sanhashira-me) Apathy Shō's ability, Severed Universe, allows him to reduce the heat that causes the natural expansion of the universe, thus slowing the flow of time. Only Shō himself remains at normal speed. Abducted and recruited by the Evangelist in his infancy, Shō eventually became the Commander of the Knights of the Ashen Flame. While initially completely obedient and emotionally deadened, he became somewhat resistant towards the Evangelist's motives after awakening his childhood memories and confronting his brother for the second time since their 12 year separation. Because of this, he was robbed of his Severed Universe ability and subjected to Haumea's mind control ability. Shō.png
Shinra Kusakabe Fourth Pillar (四柱目, Yonhashira-me) Rage Shinra can blast powerful jets of fire from the bottoms of his feet, greatly increasing his speed and maneuverability, as well as the attack power of his kicks. He can speed himself up to light speed, at which point his body breaks into particles that surpass the speed of light, causing them to go back in time to before Shinra's body broke apart, rematerializing him. Allied with the Special Fire Force under Company 8, Shinra is directly opposed to the Evangelist and its schemes. Since the discovery of his Adolla Burst and Adolla Link, Shinra has been targeted by many followers of the Evangelist who attempt to recruit him either by conversation or force, fueling his rage against the White Clad. Shinra.png
Inca Kasugatani Fifth Pillar (五柱目, Gohashira-me) Destruction Inca can detect invisible pathways of heat, allowing her to know how any flames or fire based attacks will move and spread. She can also ignite these pathways herself. After coming into contact with Amaterasu, the infamous Fire Thief was targeted by both the Knights of the Ashen Flame and the Fire Force. After awakening her Ignition Ability and initially resisting, Inca makes the decision to join the White-Clad, understanding that she will face more dangerous endeavors on that side, which she finds more exciting. Inca.png
Nataku Son Sixth Pillar (六柱目, Muhashira-me) Fear Nataku can create claws made of fire from his hand. He can also create multiple rings of fire with a sphere in the center of each; they bear a likeness to the symbol for radiation. He can shoot powerful compressed fire cannons from these rings, and his flames can generate radiation. After Rekka Hoshimiya used a Bug on him, Nataku gained the powers of a Third Generation. After being experimented and tested on in extreme conditions by the scientists at Haijima Industries, Nataku's fear awakens his Adolla Burst and he becomes the Sixth Pillar. Nataku Son.png
Sumire Seventh Pillar (七柱目, Nanahashira-me) Disgust Sumire utilizes the heat created by the natural human reflex of shivering. She amplifies this heat and transforms it into kinetic energy, which she then uses to create powerful vibrations. She can even use this ability to cause earthquakes. 250 years ago, Sumire was disillusioned with humanity and was convinced by the Evangelist to help in burning the earth clean. Sister Sumire.png
Iris Eighth Pillar (八柱目, Hachihashira-me) Despair Iris is able to cast an aura of protection around herself and others. It is strong enough to completely negate the shockwave caused by a Titanic Infernal being killed by a light speed kick. According to Haumea, at the time Shinra Kusakabe defeated Leonard Burns, Iris became the Eighth Pillar, during which she used Adolla Grace to shield Special Fire Force Company 8 from Dragon's Ignition Ability. Iris.png


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