Rōmaji Hashira
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A Pillar (柱, Hashira) refers to certain individuals who possesses an Adolla Burst, that are each protected by a Guardian. As the Great Cataclysm was a failure due to the number and strength of the Pillars,[1] Sumire experimented over two hundred and fifty years to have all the Pillars assembled, with the Eighth Pillar being the final one,[2] in order to successfully recreate the event. It is theorised if the eight pillars come together with the Evangelist, a Second Great Cataclysm will occur.[3]

Known Members

  • First Pillar (一柱目, Hitohashira-me): Amaterasu
    • A spectral blonde woman with a claims to have watch over the entire nation. She appears to exist within the Adolla realm and is able to communicate with other Pillars through the Adolla Link. Her allegiance is currently unknown.
  • Second Pillar (二柱目, Nihashira-me): Haumea
    • She has been allied with the Evangelist since her infancy and has repeatedly attempted to gather more users of the Adolla Burst to achieve her goals.
  • Third Pillar (三柱目, Sanhashira-me): Shō Kusakabe
    • Abducted and recruited by the Evangelist in his infancy, Shō eventually became the Commander of the Knights of the Ashen Flame. While initially completely obedient, he became somewhat resistant towards the Evangelist's motives after awakening his childhood memories and confronting his brother for the second time since their 12 year separation. Because of this, he was robbed of his Severed Universe ability and subjected to Haumea's mind control ability.
  • Fourth Pillar (四柱目, Yonhashira-me): Shinra Kusakabe
    • Allied with the Special Fire Force under Company 8, Shinra is directly opposed to the Evangelist and its schemes. Since the discovery of his Adolla Burst and Adolla Link, Shinra has been targeted by many followers of the Evangelist who attempt to recruit him either by conversation or force.
  • Fifth Pillar (五柱目, Gohashira-me): Inca Kasugatani
    • After coming into contact with Hitohashira-me, the infamous Fire Thief has been targeted by both the Knights of the Ashen Flame and the Fire Force. After awakening her Ignition Ability and initially resisting, Inca makes the decision to join the White Hoods, understanding that she will face more dangerous endeavours on that side, which she finds more exciting.


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