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Pan Ko Paat Edit
Character Info
Kanji パーン
Romaji Pān
Alias The Piper of Company 4
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Active
Voice Actor(s) Daisuke Ono (Japanese)
Robert McCollum (English)
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Birth Date February 20th (Pisces)
Age 30
Height 179 cm (5' 10½")
Weight 73 kg (161 lbs)
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Special Fire Force Company 4
Rank Captain
Manga Special Fire Force Company 4 (Chapter)
Anime Flames of Madness

Pan Ko Paat (パート・コ・パーン, Paatto Ko Pān) is a former captain of Special Fire Force Company 4, as well as a former instructor at the Special Fire Force Training Academy.


Pan has light-coloured hair that he keeps slicked back. He often wears the Special Fire Force orange jumpsuit with the collar partly open and wear a whistle around his neck.


Pan is a level-headed individual and firefighter. As a member of Company 4, Pan prioritises the safety of others above all else. This results in him willing to ally with supposedly dangerous individuals if it insures fewer casualties and honouring the dead, although he is aware that he and his team need to hide this type of alliance from the higher-ups and canon publicly make a stance. He has a great amount of respect for Sōichirō Hague. He is uncomfortable with his Captain's newfound fascination with being burned with the Adolla. He is not without his odd behaviour. Pan also attempts to communicate important information through blowing his whistle, which very few people can understand[1] and results in others being confused due to a lack of information.[2] Despite this he is a respected leader, even leading joint company expeditions into other countries and eventually becoming Captain of Company 4.


Pan using his Ignition Ability on himself.

Pan is a Third Generation who can increase an individual's heat resistance to reduce the amount of damage they take from other flames, which he activates by blowing his whistle. This ability is called Buff Stacking.[3]

He can also enhance the powers of other pyrokinetics. His powers have earned him the title of 'Master Firefighter of Buffs' and make him an essential part of Company 4's strategies and teamwork.

He can even use these buffs on himself to enhance his physical strength and durability, using Buff Stacking to reach the superhuman levels required to destroy doppelgängers. With the force of his Rending Multistacked Drill being strong enough to destroy his own gloves and uniform as it tears through his opponents. Although using his abilities to that extent places a tremendous strain on his body.


VS. Special Fire Force Company 4 arc

Fifth Pillar arc

The day after the great fire in Tokyo, Pan gives Sōichirō a report of the incident.

Chinese Peninsula arc

Pan is later place in charge of a multi-company research expedition to the Chinese Peninsula as the Chief of Staff and Commander of Operations. While he isn't as enthusiastic as the younger members of the team, Pan expresses excitement when they reach China. When the group encounters Noto's mother, Pan decides to let the young man spend some time with his mother while the rest of the team gather supplies for the journey. One of the locals informs Pan that there is a strange gas effecting their destination and shady characters around.

Vs. Holy Sol Temple arc

Ōbi's Rescue arc

Post-Arthur's Adventure arc

Amaterasu arc

Pan is among those who are stunned by the beginnings of the Second Great Cataclysm. Seeing the giant eye in the sky and burning oceans appear. He makes his way into the city to help civilians evacuates and witnesses one of his subordinates being killed by his own infernal counterpart: with Pan recognising it as a doppelgänger. As the surroundings are pulled into a the various and spontaneous Firestones Pan wonders what he and Company 4 could possibly do. His fears are quelled by a sudden radio broadcast to all fire companies, Captain Obi of Company 8 tells them all that inspiring hope in other is the only thing the Fire Force can do to directly counter the end of the world. Pan gives a reassured smile as he continues with his work with Karin.

When there evacuation efforts are interrupted by a giant explosion, Pan turns to see a member of Company 4 killed by an axe. His killer is the monstrous doppelgänger of Captain Hague and it tosses an axe to Pan, striking him in the chest while he is still confused. Pan quickly regain control of himself, declaring this to be a false image of the man he respected built by somebody who never knew him. When the monster attacks Karin, Pan tackles it. Without Ogun to rely on, Pan chooses to Buff his own abilities to superhuman levels despite the risks. When the doppelgänger of Hague swings two axes down on Pan's shoulders, he grabs its arms to prevent the blades from digging to deeply and breaks them. Pan then unleashes his Rending Multi-Stacked Drill to utterly destroy his enemy in a single strike. As it disappears, Pan states it was just a distorted memory meant to hurt others.


  • His first name, Pan, comes from the greek god of same name, known as a god of wilderness, flocks and rustic music, represented through artwork as a satyr of faun playing the properly named Pan Flute.
  • Despite having dark irises and light pupils in his earliest appearances,[4] Pan's eyes are later depicted as having light irises that match his pupils.[5]
  • According to his Character Profile:
    • His favorite foods are hamburgers. His least favorite foods are foods with holds in it like chikuwa fish sticks or Red Vines, because people give it to him all the time.
    • His favorite music is classical clarinet.
    • His favorited color is pink.
    • He respects Captain Hague.
    • He does not hate anyone.
    • He's afraid of people who threaten to lick other people's whistles.
    • His hobbies include bicycle riding, cooking, and collecting healthcare products.
    • He lives a very routine life.
    • His dream is to stay in his line or work without getting hurt.
    • His shoe size is 26.5 cm (8.5).
    • His eyesight is 1.2 (20/16).
    • His favorite subject is health and physical education and home economics. His least favorite subject is math.
    • His self proclaimed, favorite animals, and type were all listed as whistle noises.


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