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Pan Ko Paat Edit
Character Info
Kanji パーン
Romaji Pān
Alias Active
Gender Male   Male
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Birth Date February 20th
Age 30
Height 179cm
Weight 73kg
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Special Fire Force Company 4
Rank Captain
Manga Special Fire Force Company 4 (Chapter)

Pan (パーン, Pān) is the captain of Special Fire Force Company 4 and an instructor at the Special Fire Force Training Academy.

Appearance Edit

Pan has light-coloured hair that he keeps slicked back. He often wears the Special Fire Force orange jumpsuit with the collar partly open and wear a whistle around his neck.

Personality Edit

Pan is a level-headed individual with a great amount of respect for Sōichirō Arg. However he does not support his Captain's fascination with being burned with the Adolla. However he is not without his odd behaviour. Pan also attempts to communicate important information through blowing his whistle, which very few people can understand[1] and results in others being confused due to a lack of information.[2]

Abilities Edit

Pan is Third Generation, who can increase an individual's heat resistance to reduce the amount of damage they take from Ignition Abilities.[3] His powers have earned him the title of 'Master Firefighter of Buffs'.

Plot Edit

VS. Special Fire Force Company 4 arc Edit

Fifth Pillar arc Edit

The day after the great fire in Tokyo, Pan gives Sōichirō a report of the incident.

Chinese Peninsula arc Edit

Pan is later place in charge of a multi-company research expedition to the Chinese Peninsula as the Chief of Staff and Commander of Operations. While he isn't as butt enthusiastic as the younger members of the team, Pan expresses excitement when they reach China. When the group encounters Noto's mother, Pan decides to let the young man spend some time with his mother while the rest of the team gather supplies for the journey. One of the locals informs Pan that there is a strange gas effecting their destination and shady characters around.

Vs. Holy Sol Temple arc Edit

Ōbi's Rescue arc Edit

Post-Arthur's Adventure arc Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Despite having dark irises and light pupils in his earliest appearances[4], Pan's eyes are later depicted as having light irises that match his pupils.[5]

References Edit

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