Overheat or Ignition Limit (発火限界, Ōbāhīto/ Hakka Genkai), is a condition experienced by Third Generations as a result of overusing their Ignition Ability.

Overview Edit

Upon an individual using a considerable amount of oxygen which is needed for generating flames, they cannot use their Ignition Abilities until they've regathered the oxygen to do so.[1] When one has overexerted their Ignition Ability, it can potentially lead to burning their own bodies and severe dehydration.[2]


The effect of Tephrosis.

When a Third Generation overuses their ability, their bodies begin to char due to the lack of oxygen in the body. This is a type of disease called Tephrosis (灰病, Haibyō)[3], and in some cases, it prevents the Third Generation from using their ability without feeling a great amount of pain.

List of Known People with Tephrosis Edit

References Edit

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