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Orochi Edit
Character Info
Kanji オロチ
Romaji Orochi
Gender Female   Female.png
Status Active
Voice Actor(s) Shizuka Itō (Japanese)
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation White-Clad
Knights of the Purple Smoke
Manga Flag

Orochi (オロチ, Orochi) is a former Third Generation pyrokinetic within the Knights of the Purple Smoke.


Orochi was a woman with short light hair, with a long fringe that covers the left side of her face. She had dark eyes and lighter pupils along with long eyelashes. She wore the uniform of the Knights of Purple Smoke, which includes a cloak branded with the Cross of the Holy Sol on the front and back that also hides her body. Under the cloak is a tight tabard that shows her cleavage and is split up the thighs showing a curvy figure with large breasts and wide hips. Both her dress and arm guards bare this symbol as well.


Orochi was an extremely direct person, speaking mostly in short sentences devoid of emotion or expressing simple confidence in her abilities. While she did express surprise, she was an extremely controlled and calm individual who acted efficiently. She is also sarcastic and condescending, belittling the weakness of her enemies while praising her own skills.

Upon being resurrected she revealed a more reserved and romantic side of her personality, immediately developing a crush on her previous victim, Hajiki. Her direct personality still remains as she immediately informs him of this attraction, though does show herself to be somewhat shy inspite of this.


Orochi's Ignition Ability.

Using her Ignition Ability, Medusa Whip, Orochi could manipulate a whip made of fire using a handle and fire off her whip at incredible speed. She was able to turn the whip at will, morphing the wipe's tail into a blunt and rigid state or generating at least 8 tails for the whip, similar to a Cat o' nine tails. By rotating the tails quickly, she could use her flames like a shield capable of blocking bullets. In turns of offence, Orochi could use her Medusa Whip at blistering speeds. Her lashes were capable of cutting through a human being and a fire-resist Fire Force uniform with ease while possessing tremendous force behind each lash. When faced with a Third Generation pyrokinetic's natural resistance to flames, her whip was only able to pierce their skin by applying continuous pressure.


Operation Nether Investigation arc

Orochi fighting Takeru.

Upon the Special Fire Force Company 2 and Company 8 entering the Netherworld, Orochi is unleashed upon one of their squads by Ritsu. When she confronts her target, she decapitated Hajiki and quickly moved to attack Tamaki. While she is unable to cut through Tamaki's body, Orochi is able to pin her down and overwhelm her. Orochi is suddenly attacked and driven back by an enraged Takeru Noto. Orochi initially has the advantage due to her defensive abilities allow her to overcome his ballistics and bombs, while slashing through Juggernaut's layers of clothing until she eventually starts slicing into his flesh. However, Juggernaut continues his approach creating and adding power to a large bomb in his hand, The fire soldier refuses to stop no matter how many times his body is pierced, eventually bearing down on a shocked Orochi. She attempts a final strike and slices Takeru’s hand off, whilst he launches his finishing blow. Orochi's left side is crushed by the weight of the bomb before the massive explosion consumes her body and her opponent.

Great Cataclysm arc


  • There are several characters in Fire Force whose names are allusions to or directly taken from both monotheistic and pantheistic religions and notable religious figures.
    • Orochi's name and eight-headed whip are likely references to Yamata no Orochi, an eight-headed dragon/snake from Japanese mythology.

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