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Character Info
Gender Male   Male
Status Active
Voice Actor(s) Rick Keeling (English)
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation Special Fire Force Company 1
Occupation Priest
Manga Before the Fight to the Death

Onyango is a Third Generation Lieutenant of Special Fire Force Company 1,[1] who returned from retirement after Rekka Hoshimiya's death.

Appearance Edit

Onyango is a elderly bald man who has piece of metals connected to his temples, with metal cords flowing from them that stop around his jawline. He is relatively short compared to his younger peers and his time in retirement has resulted in Onyango being somewhat unfit. His outfit consists of a dark-coloured cassock, topped by a light overcoat-like garment with a high collar and a skirt-like garment, dark shoes and a pendant with a cross-like symbol as a charm — an outfit, which is shared amongst the Lieutenants of his company.

Personality Edit

Despite being forced out of retirement, Onyango is perfectly willing to embrace his old role. Even ready to take part in a photo-shoot for the Firefighter’s Calendar.[2] His relationship with Leonard Burns means that Onyango has a great understanding of what drives the enigmatic and stoic captain, while Burns and the other members of Company 1 appear to hold him in a high regard.

Background Edit

Onyango alongside Company 1 and Leonard, attended the incident involving Shinra Kusakabe's house being on fire.

Plot Edit

Netherworld arc Edit

Onyango appears alongside the other members of Company 1 inside their Cathedral.He dismisses Burn’s concerns about interrupting his retirement and instead asks Burns if his right eye was feeling given the frequency of the small earthquakes recently, Burns simply replies he didn't want Shinra to come to Company 1.

Days after Company 8's attack on the Knight of the Ashen Flame, Onyango vista Company 6. While talking with Asako Arg, he comes across Burns and Shinra sparing outside. While Arg tries to intervene, Onyango choses to simply leave them be as he recognises Burns' enthusiasm. The ageing lieutenant later attempts get fit enough to replace Rekka Hoshimiya in Company 1's entry into the Firefighter’s Calendar, despite Karim Flam's doubts.

Fifth Pillar arc Edit

Within Company 1's church, Onyango and Leonard discuss Company 8 moving against the Preacher. He asks the commander if their brigade will cooperate with them, which Leonard replies with telling him there's not much more Company 1 can do other than what Tamaki Kotatsu and Karim are already doing.

Ōbi's Rescue arc Edit

References Edit

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