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Oguru Edit
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Character Info
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Active
Professional Status
Affiliation Haijima Industries
Manga Under the Pillar

Oguru is an high-ranking employee of Haijima Industries, renowned for his rapid rise through the company's ranks.


Oguru is a shaply dressed man with dark hair parted evenly in the centre and lengthy bangs. His dark suit is punctuated by three white buttons and a white shirt. The most notable characteristic is his wide, sinister grin that rarely changes.


Despite his lack of powers, Oguru is an incredibly confident and audacious man who laughs when endangered and constantly grins to himself. Renowned for his lack of charm and cutthroat attitude, he has no hesitation speaking bluntly to Kurono or the Tokyo Military about his goals. Any mistake made under his command is treated swiftly and harshly. Oguru shows a conniving and opportunistic side when he comes across an unconscious Shinra as company property. He refuses to exert himself and leaves manual labour to his subordinates. Oguru desires to become an executive in the company or believes that his success in the company is all but guaranteed.

Oguru remains in good mood when dealing with Kurono Yūichirō's hostility for himself and his management style. He claims that it's not his job to be liked by his underlings. While his is occasionally snide to the Maddest, Oguru has faith in the abilities of anyone he commands and Oguru is the only person who can control Kurono besides Gureo Haijima himself. He achieve this through direct orders, reminding Kurono of his loyalty to the company and threatening to dock his pay if he fails. Oguru plans ahead to ensure Kurono won't betray him and even uses Kurono's hatred for his management style as a way of controlling him; as Kurono willingly fights powerful foes if it means avoiding Oguru.


Stone Pillar Arc

Oguru arrives at the coastline when a massive pillar and giant Infernal rises from the ocean depths alongside Kurono. While Kurono finds the idea of hates the idea of listening to this director, he will do so in the hopes of one day becoming successful enough within Haijima that he won't have to in the future. When an unconscious Shinra falls into the water, Oguru orders Kurono to save him and assures Honda that the boy will be safe. When the giant Infernal attack Kurono and he considers letting Shinra sink and saving himself, only for Oguru to threaten his wages if he fails. This coupled with covering fire from Company 2's Juggernaut gives Kurono the opportunity and motivation to make it back to the harbour. While Kurono is uncertain about fighting the Titan Infernal he files off to battle it so that he doesn't have to talk to Oguru. Considering both his problems dealt with, Oguru stands over Shinra's unconscious body thinking about taking him in as Haijima property. His musings are interrupted by Gustav Honda ensuring him that a fire solider should be under the custody of the army. After a brief standoff over whether or not Haijima plans on interfering with the army: Oguru relents. This disscussion is interrupted by a strange boy standing upside down on thin air appearing between the two men. Oguru is quickly tossed into the air by Faerie and is saved by Kurono (though only after Oguru pressures him into it). Kurono's smoke carries the pair back to the bay and Oguru sends him to secure Shinra, who has been taken into the air by Faerie. This plan changes when the titan Infernal fires a blast that destorys buildings. Oguru remains under the protection of the army while he orders Kurono to deal with the Infernal first. With the damage Company 2 and the newly arrived Company 4 manage to do, Kurono manages to dismember the creature before cutting it in half to Oguru's delight. The ashes of the Infernal flow through the sea towards the pillar, coating it black and igniting its peak.

Asakusa Showdown Arc

Four additional pillars appear surronding Tokyo in the three months following the first incident. Oguru leads before Haijima's forces and Company 2 to great success using Kurono and Honda's powers combined with a cannon. His blunt attitude actually helps him remain popular with citizens, who think his refusual mince words makes him honest. When the sixth and seventh pillar appear, Oguru and Kurono arrive to handle the Sixth Titanic Infernal while Benimaru tackles the Demon appearing with the seventh. Although Kurono hopes they can leave the work to Honda, he ends up being vital to destroying it. After Kurono swims back to shore muttering about how Benimaru should have handled this case as well, Ogun warns him that Benimaru might come after Kurono someday, only for The Maddest to brush off his warning.

Final Pillar arc

Oguru joins Kurono, Company 4 and Company 2 when the 8th Pillar rises from the sea near Tama Bay. While Company 4 handle the evacuation, Kurono hopes that Company 2 will be able to beat this Titan without his help. When Honda's attack fails, Kurono advises retreating but is quickly dismissed by Oguru. Kurono files off into battle against the giant while complaining that his wages have not changed to reflect this more dangerous work. The Maddest is later seen avoiding work upon the arrive of Company 8 and Shinra, who take over the battle from there.

Great Cataclysm arc

Oguru joined Kurono in looking for Nataku after he was freed from the Pillars. They find him in an alley being approached by a doppelgänger of Kurono who planed on killing the original. Nataku and Oguru retreated to safety while Kurono begins to fight his double, with Oguru thinking his subordinate will probably be successful. THoughtout the battle the original Kurono is confused by his clone's strange and outlandish behaviour while struggling as his own fighting style is used against him. When Kurono questions why people see him this way, Oguru claims that when people see something they do not understand they reduce it to a something simple to fit within their understanding.

Both the original and the fake escalate the battle further, unleashing new attacks and debating their sources of strength. While the imposter claims his power comes from Independence, the original claims he is liberated because people like Oguru are forced to take all responsibility of his actions. When the doppelgänger manages to entrap Kurono in giant jaws, Kurono asks of orders and Oguru gives him permission to fight. Free form restriction, Kurono very quickly drivers back the doppelgänger and kills it.

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