Initial Nekomata
Kanji ネコマタ
Technique Info
Classification Offensive, Supplementary
Range Short/Long
Manga The Rookie Fire Soldier Games
Anime The Rookie Fire Soldier Games
Game Burning Beat

Nekomata (ネコマタ, Nekomata) is a Ignition Ability used by Tamaki Kotatsu.



The abilities' second form.

Tamaki ignites pink fire[1] around her body in the shape of cat ears, two forked tails and flames on her fingertips which increase her speed and mobility substantially. Through this process, she is granted the ability to surround her target with flames or use such flames as an offensive force via the two tails. The tails can also be extended to high lengths, for such things as sending a distress signal.


  • Nekomata (猫又, forked-cat) is an animal yōkai in Japanese folklore, and is known to have the abilities to speak the human language and shape-shift. These yōkai were also said to have gained the powers of necromancy, and had been associated with strange fires and other unexplainable occurrences.


  1. Volume 7
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