Necro Pyro
Necro Pyro
Technique Info
Classification Supplementary
Manga Struggle

Necro Pyro is a pyrokinetic ability used to manipulate corpses, including Infernals, used by Ritsu.


Ritsu can reanimate dozens of long-dead Infernals to one and control them at long distances. Freshly killed bodies are still capable of using knives and firearms and Infernals are able to explode or bite into an opponent. She is also able to fuse a living Infernal with the ashes of reanimated dead into a new form of Giant Infernal. The giant's strength is limited by the humans that make it's base, such as an Infernal who had a strong body creating a stronger giant. These Infernals also have multiple cores, making them harder to destroy and demanding total destruction in order to be beaten. While Ritsu is able to manipulate the fusion process to trap a person inside the Giant Infernal and control the giant like she controls corpses, her captive can still use there abilities and could harm Ritsu or her allies.


  • Necro Pyro is derived from the Greek words for 'Death' and 'Fire'.
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