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Mrs. Boyle Edit
Arthur's Mother.png
Character Info
Gender Female   Female.png
Status Active
Relative(s) Husband (Partner)
Arthur Boyle (Son)
Three unnamed children
Voice Actor(s) Megumi Toyoguchi (Japanese)
Manga The Relationship with The Knight King

This woman is a citizen of Tokyo.


While more sensible then her husband, Mrs. Boyle enables his schemes and has a similarly cheerful attitude. While she is open about the reality of their situation in the Netherworld and their past actions, she is completely self-absorbed and just as dismissive of any harm she might have caused. Claiming that they left Arthur because the Nether was too dangerous for children, she claimed she could always have more children later in life and did so and never considered contacting her eldest son again. She also does not believe her husband's stories of the Evangelist and her manipulation of society, simply thinking he has an active imagination but stays with him out of devotional love.


While her family was in debt, she and her husband left their son Arthur a message saying they have gone on an adventure to save the world and that he is now king.[1] In reality, they abandoned their son to skip out on their debts, and didn't care for their son at all.

After leaving their eldest son, Mrs.Boyle and her husband traveled and began living in the Netherworld. During which, the couple had another three children after Arthur, another son, then a daughter then their youngest son.


Arthur's Adventure arc

Years after leaving Arthur, she and her husband encounter their son alongside Vulcan Joseph, Lisa Isaribi and in the Netherworld.


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