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Mr. Boyle Edit
Arthur's Dad.png
Character Info
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Active
Relative(s) Mrs. Boyle (Partner)
Arthur Boyle (Son)
Three unnamed children
Voice Actor(s) Kenji Hamada (Japanese)
Manga The Relationship with The Knight King
Anime S2 Episode 2

This man is a citizen of Tokyo.


Mr. Boyle is very similar to his son in terms of attitude, choosing to use fantasy to escape the reality of his situation and showing a lack of common sense. After his family business failed, he chose to abandon his son to escape his debts while pretending that he was managing a resistance against the evils of Tokyo society. Even after reuniting with the child he left behind, Arthur's father remains upbeat and doesn't acknowledge his past mistakes.


While his family was in debt, he and his wife left their son Arthur a message saying they have gone on an adventure to save the world and that he is now king.[1]

After leaving their son, Mr. Boyle and his wife traveled and began living in the Netherworld, where they then had an additional three children, another son, a daughter and a youngest son.


Arthur's father claims to be a Prophet due to his uncanny ability to understand what is happening in the wider world. Such as knowing about the Evangelist's plan with no interactions with her or her followers. By looking into his hat to escape reality, he can see beyond it and see both what he must do and what will happen.


Arthur's Adventure arc

Years after leaving Arthur, he and his wife encounter their son alongside Vulcan Joseph, Lisa Isaribi and in the Netherworld.


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