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Masao Edit
Character Info
Kanji マサオ
Romaji Masao
Status Active
Technical Info
Type First Generation
Manga Commence Investigation of Company 1

Masao (マサオ, Masao) is a Infernal, victimized by the Spontaneous Human Combustion Phenomenon.


As a Infernal, Masao had a lean figure, charcoal-coloured skin rugged teeth and blank eyes with no pupils. Masao also had flames dispersing from the ankles, elbows and scalp.


VS. 1st Special Fire Brigade arc

Masao was seen causing havoc in Tokyo, until the 8th Special Fire Brigade arrived to deal with the life-threatening situation. With Shinra's help, Akitaru was able to pierce through Masao's body with his Core Annihilating Pile Bunker. Afterwards, the death of Masao caused backlash from a bystander, who furiously ordered Akitaru to return Masao back to her.