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Leonard Burns' Doppelgänger Edit
Burns' Doppelganger.png
Character Info
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Active
Technical Info
Type First Generation
Manga Indomitable

This Demon Infernal is the Doppelgänger of Leonard Burns.


Upon first appearing the Demon appears as a shadowy figure with fire burning in its right eye and curved bull-like horns growing fromthe sides of its head. It also lacks of mouth. As the world begins to change, it appears in the Adolla, the demon is seen wearing a tattered cape with a high collar and some type of clothes covering its lower half. Its skin has gone from the charcoal like a texture of a normal Infernal to appearing more solid.


Ōbi's Rescue arc

Upon Haumea establishing a link with the Demon, it appears behind Burns' at Fuchū Prison. Impaling him through the chest, the pair are then transported through a portal to Adolla. There, Leonard kept his sense of self and merged with the doppelgänger.

Great Cataclysm arc