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Kusakabe History arc
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Arc Info
Chapters 230231232233
Arc Chronology
Preceded by Asakusa Showdown arc
Followed by Final Pillar arc

The Kusakabe History arc is the twenty-first story arc of the Fire Force manga series. It focuses on Shō Kusakabe investigating into his family's past, and Shinra striving to be a savior for Tokyo in his fight against the final Titanic Infernal.


Shō resurfaces alongside Arrow seeking out his family's history and medical records. While he does not plan on stopping the cataclysm, Shō wishes to understand his family history while their is a chance. The world's ever closer ties to Adolla allow him to effortlessly steal the required documents using Severed Universe. Initially overjoyed to learn more about his mother Shō is shocked to learn that he has no father and all records imply both Kusakabe brothers were the result of virgin births.

Visiting the Shinjuku Community Centre, Shō and Arrow learn from the director that the Holy Sol Temple pressured the notice to never report on the story. Shō recognises that it was likely Yona's deception rather than an official Church order. As he readies to leave, Shō is pulled into an Adolla Link with his own mother.

Through the Adolla Link, Shō is seen the life of Mari Abe: a teenage girl who was disowned by her family was they refused to believe she was actually a virgin despite all medical evidence showing that to be the case. 9 months later she gives birth other first child and is told by the story of lost religions and legends that said a hero and saviour was born to a virgin mother. While trying to name her child, Mari is approached by her mother. The woman berates her daughter for her 'lifestyle' and choosing to give birth to an unwanted child rather than honouring her parent's wishes. Leaving in disgust, Mrs. Abe warns her castaway daughter that the boy will bring nothing but ruin. Mari refuses to believe this and finally names her baby Shinra. 5 years later, Mari Kusakabe gives birth to her second fatherless child: Shō. She and her eldest comment that the boy is the perfect picture of an angel and Shinra promises that he will protect his family.

Seeing the hardships his mother went through to raise them and confirmation that they were actually virgin births, Shō concludes he and Shinra were born from Adolla. Shinra being a projection of humanity's need for a saviour manifested into a person. And if his brother was born in the image of a hero, then Shō was born from humanity's belief that angels will guide them to happiness. Visualising himself with wings, Shō promises his mother that her sons will stay together and returns to reality. He leaves alongside Arrow, swearing to restore his brother's rightful place and stop the Evangelist's scheme.

In Asakusa, Company 8 hold a meeting. With only one Pillar unaccounted for, Obi decides the time is coming for Company 8 to fight for their Empire once more to give power to the people.


# English title Japan Release English Release
230 Chapter 230
231 Chapter 231
232 Chapter 232
233 Chapter 233


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Kusakabe History arc
Chapters 230231232233