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Konyango Edit
Character Info
Gender Female   Female.png
Status Active
Anime Company 1 Returns

Konyango is a former member of Special Fire Force Company 1.


Konyango is a young woman who wears a nun outfit similar to the other nuns of the Holy Sol albiet more loose-fitting. She wears fingerless gloves and black shoes as well as pants for increased mobility.


Konyango has shown herself to be a gutsy and pugnacious young woman, eagerly jumping into combat with Infernals without care and being confident in her strength. Her hot-blooded nature has led her cohorts to compare her to Rekka Hoshimiya, and she is often admonished for being reckless during missions.

Powers And Abilities

Konyango is quite skilled in hand to hand combat, showing proficiency in beating and attacking Infernals with her bare hands and withstanding their attacks without any notable difficulty.


Stone Pillar Arc

Konyango appears in this arc.